Jer's obsession with ducks

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Throughout LoadingReadyRun media, Jeremy Petter is subtly but frequently linked to ducks, suggesting that he has some sort of fascination or obsession with them. Jer's commodoreHUSTLE and Friday Nights characters never voice this obsession, but it is frequently suggested visually. In real life, Jer has a collection of stuffed ducks.

Complete List of Links Between Jer and Ducks

  • The title card of Friday Nights includes fake Magic cards for each of the cast members. In the first season, Jer's subtype is "Human Waterfowl", with an Affinity ability that may also be for ducks. In the second season, his subtype is "Human Duck Fancier".
  • Jer voices a duck in Bump in the Night.
  • In Sickness, Jer is shown asleep among his duck collection.
  • In Desert Bus for Hope 7, Tally (who had just married Jer a few months prior) served as the presenter of prizes during the first few shifts. One of the prizes during Cam's shift was a children's book, several pages of which featured ducks. Tally was disproportionately excited about these, which may or may not have been an allusion to Jer's affinity for ducks given their relationship.