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Transcript for Hanging.


{Scene opens with the camera following an angry Graham, as he enters a house. He finds Brad playing Guitar Hero, and throws a stuffed toy at him. Brad catches it in one hand without looking away from the game}.

Daniel (Graham): Oh, so your hand does work.

Trevor (Brad): Why wouldn't it?

Daniel: I don't know, I just thought maybe it was broken for some reason.

Trevor: No, I told you my aunt almost ran over my hand; she swerved and collided with the gas pumps instead.

Daniel: This isn't about Blind Aunt Sue!

Trevor: They say the gas jockey may never walk again.

Daniel: This is about you {Points to Trevor} leaving me {Points to self} hanging.

Trevor: I what?

Daniel: You left me hanging.

Trevor: I don't-

Daniel: What are the cardinal rules of the Bro Code man?

Trevor: {Sighs} Don't talk about-

Daniel: {Summing up on fingers} Don't talk about the Bro Code unless you're explaining it. Don't paraphrase Fight Club unless you're reciting rule number one. Don't put hos before bros. Don't sleep with a bro's sister unless she's really hot.

Trevor: Oh, now you remember that part.

Daniel: {Still summing up} Don't let a bro drive home drunk. Don't let a bro ride bareback at his bachelor party. And don't leave a bro {Points to self} hanging.

Trevor: When did I-

Daniel: Yesterday!

{Cut to Daniel and Trevor talking outside the day before}.

Daniel: Okay, so the best part, right: Hank was too smashed to drive himself home,

Trevor: Yeah.

Daniel: so I drove him back there and his sister,

Trevor: Oh yeah.

Daniel: helped me get him into his bed,

Trevor: Yeah.

Daniel: then helped me get into hers.

Both: OOOH!

{As Kathleen walks by, Trevor turns to follow her, leaving Daniel hanging}.

{Cut back to present in Trevor's house}.

Daniel: And you left me hanging.

{Quick cut to Daniel still waiting in the same spot at night}.

Trevor: Well I didn't, I didn't mean to. Here {Pops collar and raises hand to initiate high five}.

Daniel: No, nope, it'd be meaningless now.

Trevor: What?

Daniel: You didn't mean it then and you won't mean it now. And I'll {Points to self} know.

Trevor: Well what do you wanna do then?

Daniel: Kick you in the junk.

Trevor: Or we could do what adults do to resolve their problems.

Daniel: Drink a 40 of gin, fire the pool boy and drive erratically into a gas station?

Trevor: We don't have a pool.

Daniel: Hank does, we could fire his pool boy.

Trevor: That wouldn't solve our problem.

Daniel: Well, junk it is then!

Trevor: {Sighs deeply}.

{Cut to Daniel and Trevor sitting opposite one another at a therapist}.

Therapist (Mike): Alright. Now Daniel, Trevor left you hanging, correct?

Daniel: Yes.

Therapist: But Trevor, you didn't mean to leave Daniel hanging, did you?

Trevor: No.

Therapist: Is it safe to say that you thought that Daniel's story about nailing Hank's sister was awesome?

Trevor: Totally awesome.

Therapist: And if you hadn't been distracted by some sweet piece of ass, that you would have high fived him?

Trevor: Absolutely.

Therapist: Daniel, I think Trevor's being very sincere.

Daniel: I... I guess you're right.

Therapist: Is there something you'd like to say to Trevor?

Daniel: Yeah. {Stands up and raises hand} Show me some love man.

Trevor: {Stands up and tries to high five Daniel, but he psyches him right at the end of the move}.

Daniel: Too slow. Douche! Ah, owned {Walks away}.

{Trevor shakes his head, while the therapist tries to comfort him}.