Halo: The Future of Gaming

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In case you haven't been paying attention, LoadingReadyRun provides a look back at how Halo has affected our world.

Vital Statistics


Date: September 22, 2007

Category: Other

Narration: Ash

Appearing: Graham

Writing: LoadingReadyRun cast

Graphics: Paul and Graham

Editing: Graham

Music: "Synthetic Design 02" from Apple's iLife sound effects

Additional Copyright: XBOX, XBOX 360, BUNGIE, HALO, Master Chief, Microsoft Game Studios, and their logos etc. are all © Microsoft, whose work we're all big fans of. Except for PowerPoint. Sorry.


Archival footage from the mid-21st century reveals how the release of HALO 3, and its subsequent sequels, both created and destroyed the future of gaming, coming close to obliterating human civilization in the process.


  • Ash also provided the cover art for HALO 5.
  • The voice Ash uses for the narration was developed when Matt and James played StarCraft frequently, and the computer voice constantly telling them to "mine more minerals" got on her nerves. She mimicked the computer mockingly at first, but then learned to imitate it perfectly, freaking Matt out.
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