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Feed Dump logo

Format: Satirical News
Created By: Graham Stark
Status: Active
Updates: Wednesdays
Host: The Escapist
Original Run: May 25, 2011 - Present
Associated Shows: Phailhaüs (predecessor), Escapist News Network (predecessor)

Feed Dump is one of two successor shows to the Escapist News Network, the other one being CheckPoint. The show debuted on The Escapist on May 25, 2011, effectively taking over ENN's Wednesday time slot. Feed Dump is direct spiritual successor and retool of The Phailhaüs.


Differences from Phailhaüs

At the moment Feed Dump hasn't had "Pic of the Day", "Word of the Day" or "Day of the Day" segments in any of the episodes that have been aired (which is one at the moment of this writing), but whether or not it'll stay that way remains to be seen.

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