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Escapist News Network logo

Format: Satirical Gaming News
Created By: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Jeremy Petter, Paul Saunders
Status: Discontinued
Updates: Wednesdays
Host: The Escapist
Original Run: September 23, 2009 - February 13, 2011
Associated Shows: CheckPoint (successor), Feed Dump (successor)

The Escapist News Network (commonly abbreviated as ENN), is a show on The Escapist created by a few members of the Loading Ready Run Crew. It is in the style of a news broadcast (á la CNN) reporting on both truthful and fictional stories. The show is heavily influenced by the Canadian comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

As of February 13, 2011 ENN was discontinued and was eventually replaced by two successor series, the first being CheckPoint, which premiered on PATV on May 9, 2011, and the second being Feed Dump, which premiered on The Escapist on May 25, 2011.


In general, the show follows a fixed format in every episode.

  • First, the intro plays; this consists of theme music and an animation which mockingly mimic those of major news networks. Several words appear during the animation: Reliable, Trustworthy, Resplendent, Logarithmic, and one additional word. This is known as the accent word, and changes every week. See the List of ENN Accent Words.
  • After the intro, the camera cuts to the anchor desk, with dimmed lights, as Graham and Kathleen set up a joke in casual conversation. This is the first part of the so-called after-lights gag. The lights then turn on, and the anchors face the camera and introduce themselves. The lower third displays their job description gag, which also changes every week.
  • Approximately the first half of the show consists of between four and seven news stories, reported alternately be Graham and Kathleen. The first sentence or part is almost always true; this is followed by 'merciless joking' for the rest of the story. In addition, each story features a corner image (usually created by Jer) and one or more lower third jokes, and may include an extra video segment.
  • Most of the rest of the video is taken up by the Feature Story. Whichever anchor's turn it is will introduce the story, then pass it to a field reporter (usually Jer) or pre-recorded video segment. Feature Stories are always at least mostly false, and usually completely so, even if they are loosely based in fact.
  • Finally, the anchors will end the episode with their parting line or lines. While the credits roll, the studio lights dim, and the after-lights gag is concluded as Graham and Kathleen finish their conversation from where it was left off.

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  • Unlike Unskippable, ENN did not originate from the Escapist Film Festival.
  • The ENN crew occasionally post rejected ENN stories on the blog. These are stories which didn't get in to the week's episode because they were extra, (usually) not due to low quality. This is now a feature on the Escapist Publisher's Club.

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