Elimination No. 9

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"Elimination #9" is the proper title of this article. The title is changed due to a technical limitation.

Which Artist will make it to the final three after facing the elimination stage?

Vital Statistics


Date: June 4, 2013

Appearing: Abby Howard, Katie Rice, Lexxy Douglas, Maki Naro, Graham Stark (voice only), Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik


Maki and Lexxy face The Creators. Maki pulls "Religion" from the Wastebasket of Broken Dreams and Lexxy pulls "The City". Maki cashes in his Redraw Ticket to replace "The City" and pulls "Candy". They are given 90 minutes to draw a comic combining both of those ideas. Lexxy declares that not every comic has to be funny, but that one must take the judges into consideration. Jerry berates Maki for not showing fear of being eliminated. With the Artists in the Shame Hole, Mike says that he isn't impressed with either strip. They don't think Lexxy's strip contains a joke, though they do say that if the contest were for "beautiful and elaborate", Lexxy would already have won. They observe that Maki seems to have taken their advice from his previous elimination challenge. The Artists return and Mike and Jerry inform Lexxy that she has been eliminated. Eye protection is then provided for everyone in the room. Lexxy's comic is taped to a plank that Jerry cuts in two with a chainsaw. Mike and Jerry meet with Lexxy in the car, noting that she expects it this time. They tell her that if she ever needs kicked off of anything, she should let them know. Unlike the previous elimination episodes, there is no footage of Maki returning to the house.


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