Elimination No. 6

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"Elimination #6" is the proper title of this article. The title is changed due to a technical limitation.

Two Artists must now face the Creators; which will draw their favor?

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Date: May 3, 2013


Erika and Abby face The Creators. Erika pulls "Mystery" from the Wastebasket of Broken Dreams and Abby pulls "Naughty". They are given 90 minutes to draw a comic combining both of those ideas. In bantering with Abby, Mike remarks, "That's probably the most sass we've seen on the elimination stage" with Jerry later calling Abby an "elemental force of nature". Jerry asks Erika if she thinks she is "a machine designed explicitly to produce naught mysteries," but Erika insists she isn't focusing on the naughty angle. Mike produces White Out to fix the tangents on Abby's standee; Abby agrees that the tangent between the chin and shoulder was a mistake, but argued that the others were stylistic choices of hers. Describing her relationship with Amy, Erika references the guest strip she did for Penny Arcade. The Creators liked both comics, but laughed out loud at Abby's. They choose her as the winner. Mike sits at a candle-lit table to eat a plate of ribs, wiping his hands and mouth on Erika's comic. Abby takes a black marker to Mike's corrections to her standee, then knocks all the markers on the floor. Abby returns to the house, while Erika goes home after meeting with Mike and Jerry in the car.


  • The ribs were store-bought and quite cold when Mike ate them.
  • In the Strip Search Panel - PAX East 2013, Graham said there was a moment as host when he felt it was difficult to keep composure. He was referring to Erika's emotional exit interview.
  • Lexxy created the pineapple beverage Maki was drinking at the end of the episode.
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