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Vital Statistics


Date: April 14, 2008

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Graham, Paul, Matt, and Ash

Writing: Kathleen

Camera: James, Kate

Editing: Graham


Mr Jones (Paul) goes to meet the bishop (Graham). Too bad a fan (Matt) cuts in claiming that he is '1337' since he thinks that he is the first to view the video beacuse the view counter is at zero. Graham and Paul are forced to brake the forth wall to explain that the view counter is updated irregularly and that likely hundreds of people will see the video while the counter is still at zero.

Mr Barnes (Paul) goes to see the bishop. The bishop is happy to inform Mr Barns that he has been accepted into the priesthood and is unlikely both to molest someone or be taken up on a molestation offer. Mr Barnes however learns that the priesthood is not what he was expecting, what with secret bible with the naughty pictures, the Pope's steel chair cage match with the Muslim Pope over Indonesia and the cherry flavored diet Blood of Christ drink. He flees before he can learn about naught nun Fridays, John the Baptist moistened condoms and Body of Christ snack cakes.


  • The name of the first incarnation of church is a reference to the Beatles.
  • "Kevin Barnes" is also the name of the lead singer of Athens, GA, indie-rock band Of Montreal.
  • The second priest briefly references "Highlander."
  • The naught nun is a reference to Nuntastic
  • DJ Cuddlebunnies is listed as a guest at the steel chair cage match
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