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What we can learn from this is that Kathleen should not go into law.

Vital Statistics


Date: June 29, 2011

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Paul Saunders, Kathleen De Vere

Edited by: Graham Stark


  • You just said "dump." Also, we can hear you, Chris.
  • News Word of the Week: Nooze
  • A man in Massachusetts who has been dead for 5 years gets a criminal complaint for not showing up to jury duty.
  • A man in Ontario, Canada was accused of stealing a house when someone's mobile home "showed up" on his property.
  • A rabbinical court in Jerusalem sentenced a dog to death by stoning.
    • Graham learned a new word: rabbinical.
  • A woman in Ohio sprays authorities with breast milk.
  • Graham is three of the five Village People.


  • This episode has a Feed Dump Rejected that can be found on the LRR site, here.


Hats this week retreated after last week's gains, while prescription eyewear increased.

  • Shots with Hats: 19.15%.
  • Shots with Wigs: 0.00%.
  • Shots with Prescription Eyewear: 72.34%.
  • Shots with Other Eyewear: 8.51%.
  • Shots with Hatless: 40.43%.


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