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* [http://korea.loadingreadyrun.com/archive_page.php?comicID=62 "Reaping Again!"]
* [http://korea.loadingreadyrun.com/archive_page.php?comicID=62 "Reaping Again!"]
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[[Category:Recurring Gags]]

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The Creepy Doll is a popular, cute and disturbing doll that occurs repeatedly LRR videos starting in Season Seven onward.

The Littlest Reaper


The Creepy Doll is actually a comic character called "The Littlest Reaper" - the twisted comic within a comic creation of Jane, a character in Kathleen's old comic Korea. The Littlest Reaper appeared three times, portrayed more violently each time. The idea behind The Littlest Reaper was to portray a horrible spirit of murder and torture in the most adorable way possible.

Graham was a big fan of The Littlest Reaper, so Kathleen made him a plushy version as a present in 2006. The stuffed reaper then lived happily and unremarkably with Graham until he was written into an episode of commodoreHUSTLE.

The Creepy Doll as he appears in "The Arms Race"

In LRR Canon

The Creepy Doll is a weird and terrifying plushy with strange magical powers. The original Creepy Doll was purchased off of Craigslist by Kathleen, her reasoning being that it was cute and creepy. Graham found it terrifying, and it seemed to have magical powers to follow him around the house. Later many smaller versions appeared during a series of events orchestrated by Matt without any clear explanation to their origin. Much later on as a prank James asked Tally to create a giant Creepy Doll as a Christmas present for Graham. The giant creepy doll also appears to have magic powers, being able to move on its own and being very fond of gently stroking Graham's hair (regardless of whether he likes it or not).

Creepy Doll Filmography


  • Kathleen is considering doing a Littlest Reaper Mini Comic to reprise the character, based on his sudden popularity.
  • After the Creepy Doll's first appearance several people expressed interest in getting their own, so Kathleen and Graham asked Tally to craft mini-reapers based on Kathleen's design. Tally slaved away, creating two prototypes and 31 creepy dolls.
  • Creepy Dolls 1-30 were sold in the LoadingReadyRun store in a limited run starting on October 29th of 2010. All thirty were sold within hours of being made available.
  • Creepy Doll 31 (dubbed a "special edition" as he came with a plethora of holiday-themed accessories) was auctioned off to raise money for Child's Play during Desert Bus for Hope 4, selling for $1050. This doll's buyer would later back out for reasons that weren't explained, so it was again made available for purchase via a silent auction on the Desert Bus website later on, eventually selling for $1051 dollars.
  • The Giant Creepy Doll reportedly took around three hours to make and was made out of a sweatshirt, and old bathrobe and an "insane" amount of stuffing. Yes, "insane" is a technical term.

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