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Sometimes life throws a problem at you that's too big for you to solve yourself. Sometimes it's a great idea to get a friend to help you with your problem. Sometimes.

Vital Statistics

commodoreHUSTLE 04 - Fixer

Date: January 5, 2009

Category: commodoreHUSTLE

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, James Turner, Matt Wiggins, Morgan vanHumbeck, Jeremy Petter, Bill Watt, Kathleen De Vere, Alex Steacy, Wil Wheaton

Camera: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Raymond Steacy

Writing: LoadingReadyRun

Edited by: Graham Stark

Thanks To: Wil Wheaton, Tom @ Kabuki Kabs


Preview picture, posted January 04.

Graham beats Matt at Rock Band, and earns the right to kick him in the balls exactly once, with no warning or repercussions. Morgan begins playing with one of Matt's Optimus Prime toys, but is loudly berated for endangering a 'collector's item'. Leaving Graham's apartment, crew members discuss their odd choices of coffee, and Kathleen, Graham and Paul begin talking about their need for office space. They decide on a location, but are at a loss for how to pay for it.

Alex Steacy arrives at James's house as the courier for his new iPhone, and explains that he has traveled the world this way as a means of eventually getting to Victoria. James provides some exposition for recent events, including the Child's Play charity dinner, in which the crew were apparently locked out of their hotel room and berated by Wil Wheaton...again. Matt decides he's going to take his NESBox to Seattle and petition Microsoft personally for its replacement. Despite Graham and Paul questioning the unnecessary expense, he states it as a matter of principle and leaves, warning Paul not to 'improve' anything in his house while he's away. Jer and Kathleen discuss his ongoing prank war against Bill and Morgan, and the two decide to rearrange the furniture in their house. It proves ineffective at inconveniencing the already disorganized duo, and Morgan is actually rather pleased to find his computer in the bathroom. As a new plan, Kathleen recommends that Jer disrupt Morgan's sleep schedule.

In order to raise money for the office space, Kathleen, Graham and Paul decide to sell Matt's Primes. Matt returns from Redmond, Washington, ecstatic that Microsoft has just agreed to exchange Paul's NESBox mod for a new 360, as well as a reimbursement for Matt's travel expenses. Rubbing his customer service success in James's face over the phone, he suddenly discovers his Primes are gone. Dropping his new XBox and shouting in horror, he shouts in horror again at the resulting crashing sound, and is immediately kicked in the balls by Graham.

Hearing the noises on the other line, James shrugs and watches some 'sideways TV' with Bill and Morgan.



  • Wil Wheaton's appearance with the loss of a room key is a reference to Lock Out. His speech at the end references the "Wil says, 'Don't be a dick'" meme.
  • This appearance is the first commodoreHustle to establish the existence of the Moonbase.
  • This video places the purchase of the moonbase after Desert Bus 2, even though Desert Bus 2 took place in the Moonbase.
  • After Kathleen draws the LRR Logo on the door to the Moonbase, Graham can be seen carrying the helmet of Cardboard Man, from First Draft Iron Man Trailer.
  • In the background of the second shot, the jib created by Morgan's dad can be seen behind Morgan.
  • At the beginning of the video, Graham is playing with a Rock Band guitar, and Matt is playing with a Guitar Hero guitar.
  • Morgan's Rock Star avatar reflects his hairless condition post-Desert Bus 2, but Paul's does not.
  • The magnets on Bill and Morgan's fridge read "Lissette is yummy." This was formed by Lissette herself and previously stated "Lissette is Gummy" before her tampering.
  • In the last scene, Matt's voice is hoarse from reffing three hockey games that day.
  • In the Preview pic, Graham is standing on top of Bill and Morgan's laundry room shed, shooting part of the binocular scene.
  • Behind the scenes pictures and write-up by Graham.
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