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Sheer Stupidity logo

Format: Unscripted
Created By: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark
Status: No Longer In Use
Updates: Sporadic
Host: (2003-2007)
Original Run: October 24, 2003 - ?
Associated Shows: Iron Stomach Challenge (spin-off)

The Sheer Stupidity videos feature the Loading Ready Run cast performing acts of stupidty and jackassery.

Each video starts with an "Adult Swim"-style card with the words "Sheer Stupidity" in white text over a black background, followed by the sketch name. The Lose theme from Wild Gunman for the NES plays behind this, and 8-bit rendition of the Funeral March by Chopin.

With the spin-off of the Iron Stomach Challenge into its own category, and the crew's shift to more organized sketch comedy, there has not been a Sheer Stupidity update in some time. The Fun with Microwaves series are usually considered to be Sheer Stupidity, but they do not have the same opening as the rest.