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Can't Draw Horses Club is Cori's weekly Art stream airing Mondays at 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT.

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2021-07-19 Episode 14: Copics [ Link]
The topic is copics on Can't Draw Horses Club today with Cori and EiffelArt
2021-07-12 Episode 13: Ears [ Link]
Today on Can't Draw Horses Club we take a journey into the ear
2021-07-05 Episode 12: Colour [ Link]
Can't Draw Horses Club with AiAmethyst and Cori will be focused on colour
2021-06-28 Episode 11: Pokemon OCs Link
Can't Draw Horses Club will be experimenting with the creation of their very own pocket monsters with Griffiths and Cori
2021-06-21 Episode 10: Clip Art Studio Link
Today amora_b will be showing Cori what some of the buttons do in Clip Studio Paint on Can't Draw Horses Club
2021-06-14 Episode 9: Bones Challenge Link
Today Can't Draw Horses Club will be challenging Azralorne and Cori to look at bones
2021-05-31 Episode 8: Negative Space Link
To draw a horse, one must also draw what is not the horse. AiAmethyst and Cori are visiting negative space on Can't Draw Horses Club
2021-05-24 Episode 7: Faces Link
Can't Draw Horses Club wants to know: how do faces? Alex Steacy and Cori will lead the investigation.
2021-05-17 Episode 6: Doodles Link
Can't Draw Horses Club has assembled an expert panel of Heather and Molly and Cori to discuss the art of drawing nothing!
2021-05-10 Episode 5: Mermaids Link
Can't Draw Horses Club will involve underwater horses. Tune in to find out which kind with Cori and Azralorne!
2021-05-03 Episode 4: Pixel Art Software Link
Can't Draw Horses Club will be an exploration of Aseprite and Pyxel Edit with Cori and Griffiths. May the third be with the herd.
2021-04-26 Episode 3: Simplifying Complex Shapes Link
Can't Draw Horses Club will be covering the topic of "simplifying complex shapes" with Cori and AiAmethyst
2021-04-19 Episode 2: Hands Link
Today's topic for Can't Draw Horses Club is HANDS. Hitch yer wagon to Cori and Alex as they explore one of the greatest secrets of anatomy
2021-04-12 Episode 1: Circles Link
Today Can't Draw Horses Club will be drawing circles with or around Cori and Heather! Saddle up buckaroos!
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