Bill Watt

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A 6' 10" vertically-obese circus freak.

Has the ability to eat disgusting foods or combination of foods with ease. He also believes that "[not] throwing up is just a matter of mind over matter. Just learn that it's not disgusting." According to Bill's Mum during Desert Bus for Hope 2, Bill ate strange things even as a child, including a live frog.

Bill is sometimes known as "Tall Paul", "Big Paul", "Quiet Paul", and any variation upon "(adjective) Paul."

Bill dislikes his real first name so he uses his middle name, William, instead. During both Desert Bus events, Bill revealed his full name; he was named after his father, and he is the seventh generation of his given name. His first name was also implicitly revealed on the on Season Two DVD in an extended version of the Sleep Dep Experiment. Bill has one elder sister, according to the January 17th 2007 LRRcast.

Bill was fighting ninjas for most of the second half of 2007. As of July 15th, 2008, he has returned, following a mission to kill Jer as part of his anti-ninja employment.

Bill is a worse driver than Kate, because at least Kate didn't crash the Desert Bus. As of Desert Bus '08, every driver has crashed the Desert Bus.

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