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Format: Panel Show
Created By: Graham Stark
Status: Ongoing
Updates: Monthly
Host: YouTube (2019 - )
Original Run: August 24, 2019 -
Associated Shows:

AskLRR started as a LRRcast show, before being incorporated LoadingReadyLIVE, then split off into it's own, irregular stream during the March 2018 reshuffle, and now a pre-recorded series.

Answers to questions can be found at AskLRR Answers

List of Episodes


# Title LRR Date
12 Fuzzy Foot Prisons Heather, Serge, and Kathleen August 1, 2020
You asked us questions, so Heather, Serge, and Kathleen sat down to answer them.
11 Little Goblin Hands Cori, Nelson, and Matt July 4, 2020
You asked us questions, so Cori, Nelson, and Matt G sat down to answer them. They discuss birds, books, and animals.
10 They Are Crunchy Beej, Cameron, and Heather June 1, 2020
You asked us questions, so Beej, Cameron, and Heather sat down to answer them. They discuss bread, anime, old LRR sketches, and Nanaimo Bars
9 Often Hilarious James, Paul, and Graham April 30, 2020
You asked us questions, so Graham, Paul, and James sat down to answer them. Talks about who does what at LRR, some history on how LRR got started streaming, and at one point James claims to be a time traveller.
8 Cool Technology! Paul, Ian, and Ben April 7, 2020
You asked us questions, so Paul, Ian and Ben sat down to answer them. There was lots to talk about technology wise, a couple beard related questions, and a little talk about cheesy 80's music.
7 The Good Place Serge, Beej, and James February 28, 2020
Beej, James & Serge chat about window coverings, coffee and how excited two of us are for Animal Crossing. And don't worry. They notice the background not being right... eventually.
6 Backyard Wrestling Alex, Graham, and Adam January 31, 2020
Graham, Alex, and Adam talk about the first time they watched wrestling, the first video games they ever played, and memes.


# Title LRR Date
5 Winter Shorts Cori, Heather, and Cam December 28, 2019
Cameron, Cori, and Heather discuss critical theory, book recommendations, handheld gaming and who wears pants.
4 The Coward's Grape Matt, Beej, and Adam November 30, 2019
Beej, Adam, and Matt discuss financial security, Brendan vs Beej and the most cowardly of food.
3 Cookies and Self Care Alex, Kathleen, and Serge October 26, 2019
Kathleen, Alex, Serge are here to answer your questions about our dream projects, things we find fulfilling, and burnout.
2 Beard Chat James, Paul, and Ben September 28, 2019
You asked us questions, so Ben, James and Paul sat down to answer them. Wanna know where Ben came from? How we take care of our beards and other things? Well look no further. It's time for askLRR.
1 Comedy Inspirations Graham, Cameron, and Ian August 24, 2019
Graham, Ian, and Cameron are here with the first installment of the new askLRR, answering questions from YouTube members! Who do we want to see in Picard? What’s our 3rd fav shape of sandwich? Find out!


Date Panel Link
2018-05-26 Cori, Heather, Kathleen, and Cameron Link
2018-04-07 Paul, Kathleen, and Ben Link