A Little TOO Human

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Our devious, ursine enemies are mounting an assault. They feel it's getting kind of human in here. Perhaps, a little TOO human...

Vital Statistics

A Little TOO Human

Date: August 18, 2008

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Graham, Kathleen, Matt, James

Writing: Jer

Shooting: Paul, Jer, Graham

Sound: James, Jer

Graphics: Kathleen

Editing: Graham


The portentous and terrifying appearance of "ghost bears" in "Too Human" leads to a discussion of anti-bear tactics in the inevitable inter-species war. Guest starring Future Matt, Future Graham, and iKathleen.


  • Kathleen previously mentioned a battle between bears and sharks in OMG! Bears!
  • The time travel helmet makes it's first appearance since Keytars, where it was lost in transit. Evidently the issues of seeing yourself from a different timeline have been resolved.
  • "Zombie bears" were previously ranted against by Kathleen in Phailhaüs - 09. Spectral/ghost bears were mentioned in a LRRCast by Paul as something Kathleen would freak out about.
  • The (attempted) consumption of salad may be in reference to Graham, Matt, and Kathleen's recent salad diet program.
  • The "This is a bagel-free kitchen" sign from Bagel Time remains in the kitchen, as it was in Inside D&D 4th Edition
  • The bear claws were made from a fur muff cut in two with a pair of Freddy Krueger claws in each half. They appear (Filmed prior to the video's release) in Phailhaüs - 15.

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