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|- style="background-color:#eeeeee;"
| 2020-08-08 || style="text-align:left"| Valorant Ep8 || [ Link]
| 2020-08-08 || style="text-align:left"| Valorant Ep9 || [ Link]
|colspan="3" style="text-align:left; border-bottom:2px solid #FCCA11;"| Uhhhhhhhhh ... One More? [[James Turner|James]] and [[Nelson Salahub|Nelson]] along with [https://twitter.com/MyLifeAsJoeKim Joe Kim] and [[Jordan Hopkins]] are jamming Valorant this afternoon.
|colspan="3" style="text-align:left; border-bottom:2px solid #FCCA11;"| Uhhhhhhhhh ... One More? [[James Turner|James]] and [[Nelson Salahub|Nelson]] along with [https://twitter.com/MyLifeAsJoeKim Joe Kim] and [[Jordan Hopkins]] are jamming Valorant this afternoon.
|- style="background-color:#eeeeee;"
| 2020-07-31 || style="text-align:left"| Valorant Ep8 || [https://youtu.be/3dr3j5f_jbg Link]
|colspan="3" style="text-align:left; border-bottom:2px solid #FCCA11;"| Team VaLRRant returns this evening for Friday evening ...One More? Join [[James Turner|James]], [[Adam Savidan|Adam]], [[Ben Ulmer|Ben]], [[Serger Yager|Serge]] and [[Nelson Salahub|Nelson]] for an evening of shooty games and cheeky (but loving) banter.
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...One More? is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show. The show has a semi-regularly schedule and currently airs most Saturdays at 1 PM Moonbase Time. James and a rotating cast of other streamers play whatever multiplayer game is most popular among the LRR crew (often PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds). There's always time for One More round!

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2020-08-08 Valorant Ep9 [ Link]
Uhhhhhhhhh ... One More? James and Nelson along with Joe Kim and Jordan Hopkins are jamming Valorant this afternoon.
2020-07-31 Valorant Ep8 Link
Team VaLRRant returns this evening for Friday evening ...One More? Join James, Adam, Ben, Serge and Nelson for an evening of shooty games and cheeky (but loving) banter.
2020-07-11 Valorant Ep7 Link
Uhhhhhhhh... One More? Today on the show Team VaLRRant takes on 4 community teams! Will we prevail? Tune in to find out :D
2020-07-04 Valorant Ep6 Link
Uhhhhhhhhh… One More? James, Adam, Serge, Jeremy and JoeKim are live for an afternoon of Valorant! Gotta get ready for next weeks community games.
2020-06-20 Valorant Ep5 Link
Uhhhhhhh …One More? Team VaLRRant (James, Ben, Adam, Serge and Jeremy White) are live for an afternoon of VALORANT and friendship.
2020-06-13 Valorant Ep4 Link
Uhhhhhhhh… One More? We’re LIVE with a whole crew of folks. Time for an afternoon of friendship and Valorant scrims!
2020-06-06 Valorant Ep3 Link
Got a little bonus …One More? this evening. Join James, Adam, Serge, Ben and Jeremy White for an evening of friendship and Valorant.
2020-05-16 Valorant Ep2 Link
James, Adam, Serge, Jeremy White and Matt Wiggins are ready to jam some VALORANT all afternoon long. Uhhhhhhhhh... One More?
2020-05-09 Valorant Ep1 Link
This afternoon sees the triumphant return of ...One More? Join James Ben, Serge, Adam & Wiggins for some Valorant action


Date Title Link
2019-06-27 PUBG Ep72 Twitch Rivals Link
LIVE! … with a 1 minute delay mind you, but live none the less :D Join James and El Funko for an afternoon of PUBG on #TwitchRivals!
2019-06-07 PUBG Ep71 Link
It’s time for uhhhhhhhhhhhh ... One More? Join James for a sneak peak at the refreshed Erangel map! Everyone is welcome to play along!
2019-04-20 PUBG Ep70 Link
... One More returns to the channel this evening! Join James and some number of his friends as they jam custom PUBG games with the community! Everyone welcome!
2019-03-26 PUBG Ep69 Link
For the last time on a Tuesday afternoon it's time for uhhhhhhhhhhhh ... One More? Join James for some custom PUBG games!
2019-03-19 PUBG Ep68 Link
James is back in the streaming hot seat with another edition of ... One More? Wanna play some custom PUBG games with the community? Well here's your chance.
2019-03-12 PUBG Ep67 Link
Wanna play some PUBG with James and his friend? Well have I got a stream for you! It's time for uhhhhhhhhhhh ... One More?
2019-03-05 PUBG Ep66 Link

2019-02-19 PUBG Ep65 Link
James is live with ... One More? If you're looking for the custom PUBG games here's your chance!
2019-02-05 Apex Legends Ep1 Link
No PUBG customs today, instead James is going to check out the brand new hotness, Apex Legends. ... One More? is a go!
2019-01-29 PUBG Episode 64 Link
James is live with today's ... One More? If you wanna play some custom PUBG games with him and the community at large, now's the time to do so :D
2019-01-22 PUBG Episode 63 Link
After many countless minutes away from you all, James returns for ... One More? Let’s PUB a G!
2019-01-15 PUBG Episode 62 Link
James is love with ... One More? playing custom PUBG games with the community. And as a bonus (or maybe negative) @MyLifeAsJoeKim is in studio with him!
2019-01-08 PUBG Episode 61 Link
After what seems like forever ... One More? returns. Join James and frands for some community PUBG games!


Date Title Link
2018-12-18 PUBG Episode 60 Link
James is back online and playing some PUBG with friends. Come watch James be better at PUBG than he was at Magic*

*No Promises

2018-12-11 PUBG Episode 59 Link

2018-12-04 PUBG Episode 58 Link

2018-11-27 PUBG Episode 57 Link

2018-11-20 PUBG Episode 56 Link
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... One More? Let's play some custom PUBG shall we?
2018-11-06 Stellaris Link
Cameron leads some wildly unprepared and unqualified post-apocalyptic humans into the endless abyss of space in Stellaris on today's ...One More?
2018-10-23 PUBG Episode 55 Link
James is back and ready to play some good ol' fashion PlayerUnknown's Battleground. It's time for ... One More?
2018-10-16 PUBG Episode 54 Link
Let's keep this stream train running. Up next James is here (still) playing PUBG custom games on ... One More? Join us won't you?
2018-10-09 PUBG Episode 53 Link
Shall we play … One More?
2018-10-02 PUBG Episode 52 Link
James is live and ready to PUB some G’s with you all on uhhhhhh … One More? Custom games all show long. Let’s gooooo!
2018-09-25 PUBG Episode 51 Link
Let's play some PUBG shall we? It's time for uhhhhhhhh ... One More?
2018-09-11 PUBG Episode 50 Link
James can't be stopped. We're starting a little bit early today but let's play some PUBG on ... One More?
2018-09-04 PUBG Episode 49 Link
James is back from PAX and ready to stream! We'll chat about PAX a bit and open our PUBG swag bag before getting into our regularly scheduled custom PUBG games!
2018-08-28 PUBG Episode 48 Link
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh One More? James is here and ready to play some PUBG on today's episode of ... One More? Join us won't you, we're playing custom games all afternoon long.
2018-08-21 Stellaris Link
Cameron is playing Stellaris while Alex is home sick ... come and hang out!
2018-08-21 PUBG Episode 47 Link
Hey. Wanna come play PUBG with James, his friends and the rest of the LRR Community? Well have I got a stream for you! Uhhhhhhhhh ... One More?
2018-08-14 PUBG Episode 46 Link
The stream train keeps on rolling. James is back for some custom PUBG games with ... One More?
2018-08-07 PUBG Episode 45 Link
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... One More? Time for Tuesday afternoon custom games! But first James has to open a box.
2018-07-31 PUBG Episode 44 Link
Custom PUBG games anyone? It's time for ... One More?
2018-07-24 PUBG Episode 43 Link
Want a chance to grab some exclusive PUBG skins? Or maybe you just want to play PUBG with cool people? LOOK NO FARTHER ... One More? Is now.
2018-07-17 PUBG Episode 42 Link
Hey. You. Yah, you. Wanna play some PUBG with James and company?! Cause you totally can for the next 3 hours. It’s time for … One More?
2018-07-10 PUBG Episode 41 Link
Let's play some PUBG shall we? It's time for ... One More and James and friends are running custom games open to all for the next 3 hours. Come join in the fun!
2018-07-03 PUBG Episode 40 Link
It's Tuesday afternoon which can only mean one thing! PUBG Custom Games with James & Frands! Join us for the next 3 hours for fun and games!
2018-06-26 PUBG Episode 39 Link
Uhhhhhhhh One More? James is officially a PUBG Partner now which means it’s time for custom games all afternoon!

Lots a friends joining us AND we have Event Passes to give away. Let’s go!!

2018-06-19 PUBG Episode 38 Link
James is back from Vegas and ready to jump out of planes on to a very dangerous island. It’s actually a very silly game if you think to long in it. PUBG Time!!!
2018-06-12 PUBG Episode 37 Link
James is in the house and ready to PUB some G's. Possibly with friend... actually almost certainly so.
2018-06-05 PUBG Episode 36 Link

2018-05-22 PUBG Episode 35 Link
With Cameron
2018-05-20 PUBG Episode 34 Link

2018-05-15 PUBG Episode 33 Link

2018-05-08 PUBG Episode 32 Link

2018-05-01 PUBG Episode 31 Link

2018-04-29 PUBG Episode 30 Link
PUBG Customs
2018-04-24 PUBG Episode 29 Link

2018-04-17 PUBG Episode 28 Link

2018-04-10 PUBG Episode 27 Link

2018-04-03 PUBG Episode 26 Link

2018-03-27 PUBG Episode 25 Link

2018-03-14 Hunt: Showdown Link
With Alex
2018-03-06 PUBG Episode 24 Link

2018-03-01 Civilization VI: Rise & Fall Link
With Cameron
2018-02-27 PUBG Episode 23 Link

2018-02-20 PUBG Episode 22 Link

2018-02-13 PUBG Episode 21 Link

2018-02-09 They Are Billions Link

2018-02-06 PUBG Episode 20 Link

2018-01-30 PUBG Episode 19 Link

2018-01-23 PUBG Episode 18 Link

2018-01-16 PUBG Episode 17 Link

2018-01-11 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Ep2 Link

2018-01-09 PUBG Episode 16 Link

2018-01-02 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Ep1 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-28 Destiny 2: Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Ep2 Link

2017-12-19 PUBG Episode 15 Link

2017-12-12 Destiny 2: Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Ep1 Link

2017-11-28 PUBG Episode 14 (again?) Link

2017-11-14 Destiny 2 Ep 3 Link

2017-11-14 Super Mario Odyssey Ep 2 Link

2017-11-13 Super Mario Odyssey Ep 1 Link

2017-11-09 Destiny 2 Ep 2 Link

2017-11-07 Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid PC Link

2017-11-04 Destiny 2 Blind Raid Link

2017-10-21 PUBG Episode 14 Link

2017-10-09 PUBG Episode 13 Link

2017-10-06 MtG Link

2017-08-23 PUBG Episode 12 Link

2017-08-17 PUBG Episode 11 Link

2017-08-08 PUBG Episode 10 Link

2017-07-27 PUBG Episode 9 Link

2017-07-25 PUBG Episode 8 Link

2017-07-18 PUBG Episode 7 Link

2017-07-04 PUBG Episode 6 Link

2017-06-27 PUBG Episode 5 Link

2017-06-20 PUBG Episode 4 Link

2017-06-17 24h LRR Mans--Project Cars Link
Ian recreates the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a day-long car race, while the real one is taking place in France.
2017-06-15 PUBG Episode 3 Link

2017-06-09 PUBG Episode 2 Link

2017-06-06 PUBG Episode 1 Link

2017-06-02 Bonus Stream: PUBG Link

2017-05-24 Bonus Stream: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Link

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