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;Turn around.
;Turn around.
;The glowy thing.
;The glowy thing.
;Not there!
:More generically useful advice.
:More generically useful advice.
;Kill him, he drops a sweet Katana.
;Kill him, he drops a sweet Katana.
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;Try pointing at it.
;Try pointing at it.
:In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, the sidekick characters have a way to find hidden items. One character has a flashlight they can shine into dark corners to find things, but the other character simply points at things to find them.
:In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, the sidekick characters have a way to find hidden items. One character has a flashlight they can shine into dark corners to find things, but the other character simply points at things to find them.
;Not there!
:Helpful directions given by a companion in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.
;Try to avoid being gruesomely killed.
;Try to avoid being gruesomely killed.
:Ingame advice from a character in Star Control II, played on Things on My Stream
:Ingame advice from a character in Star Control II, played on Things on My Stream

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!advice is one of the commands accepted by LRRbot in the LoadingReadyLive chat, which provides incredibly useful and timely advice for whoever is currently streaming.

This is a list of all responses, current and past, that can come from the command.

Advice List

Go left.
The original useful advice. Alex Steacy mentioned in an IDDQDerp stream of Dark Souls that, with the stream delay, the chat giving advice that depends on exactly when it's said, like "go left", are the most useless, as by the time he sees it he's not going to be standing in the same place or facing the same direction.
No, the other way.
Similarly useful advice with the stream delay.
Flip it turnways.
A reference to some Homestuck thing or whatever.
Try jumping.
A common piece of advice found in Dark Souls, left near cliffs by other players.
A common Internet meme, from Star Fox 64.
From Operation: Viral Outbreak from CommodoreHUSTLE 06 - Viral.
Over there, next to the thing.
Right in front of you.
You passed it.
Turn around.
The glowy thing.
More generically useful advice.
Kill him, he drops a sweet Katana.
There is a merchant in Dark Souls that, if killed, drops what is often described as a "sweet katana". Some people in chat were trying to convince Alex do do this, while Alex refused to do so ("What has he ever done to me?"). So this statement became a meme.
Shoot it until it dies.
A reference to a common Internet meme.
Run behind it, and stab it in the back.
Traditional Dark Souls tactics.
Jund 'em out.
A classic piece of advice from Friday Nights: Grand Prix Calgary.
Just git gud.
An Alexism imitating the sort of advice expected from the Internet at large.
Hit the weak spot for massive damage.
Another popular Internet meme.
Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead.
A reference to the Doctor Who episode "Blink".
Get ye flask.
A reference to Homestar Runner.
Just dome 'em.
An Alexism during a Magic: the Gathering stream
Use the force!
A reference to Star Wars.
Try refreshing.
Refreshing the stream fixes many problems. More than it should, really.
Do a move with a triple flip and meow.
A line from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a special requirement given to one of the NPCs during the wrestling chapter.
Watch out for the snake.
Alex's preferred way of searching for snakes in Heavy Bullets is to walk directly into the bushes and detect the snakes with his face.
A famous line from Predator.
Back to you, Marshall!
From Friday Nights: Speechless
Always first pick Wall of Kelp.
Favourite card of chat member Nirvana, this is a common recommendation during all draft formats where the card appears, and many where it doesn't.
Consult No-Peenor, the naked man.
From a Let's NOPE! episode featuring the game Doorways.
Stand against the devil!
Watch and pray.
From the inagural Watch+Play episode, Prayer Warriors: All Out for God
Look at the cards.
From the early (pre-LRL) Magic: the Gathering streams. In Magic Online, when an effect reveals a single card, or a couple of cards, they appear in a special "Revealed Cards" zone, but when an effect can reveal a lot of cards at once, it instead pops them up in a special window, and you get to look at them and hit OK, and they go away. Normally the prompt tells you what you're looking at, eg "Look at your opponent's hand", but when the cards are in a temporary zone (such as the cards milled by a "grind" effect in Gatecrash), the message says merely "Look at the cards", a prompt Graham enjoyed immensely. It morphed into advice given whenever someone fails to read the cards correctly, or forgets an ability, etc.
Find another way.
A message that appears when you die in a certain part of Doorways, from Let's NOPE!
0118999881999119725... 3
From The IT Crowd.
Rocketize those cubes!
From Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers, played on Crossing the Streams.
Shoot the mans with your bullets.
More generically-useful advice.
Close the door!
Generically-useful advice for survival horror games, from Let's NOPE!
It's only a funplex if it makes the honk noise.
From The Tale of the Exploding Egg Nog.
Use absolute aggression.
From Colony Wars, played on Book of Passwords.
Perhaps we should try to avoid those tentacles.
A line from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, played on A Swiftly Tilting Cameron.
Put your helmet on, rookie.
Standard operating procedure for recruits to Cameron's XCOM squads.
Get more BP!
The only correct option when levelling up in Thousand Year Door.
Remember to save.
Generically-actually-useful advice.
Use the rubber foot on a chain.
A reference to a classic tale of Alex's, told in Facebook Girlfriend.
Never underestimate the runners!
Don't challenge the chat.
Adam was planning to do a 24-hour stream for Adam's Gamehaüs, but then offered to add time if he got more Twitter followers... he ended up on the hook for a 43-hour stream (of which he delivered 35 hours). Never challenge the chat.
Push the buttons.
More generically-useful advice.
I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer.
A quote from Dune.
It's ok, Big Bird's got you now.
A quote from Third Wheel Dating.
Green, blue, THEN red.
Chanted during a particularly devious timed-jumping puzzle in Rockman 4: Minus Infinity, played on Book of Passwords.
Use God Hand!
Referring to the titular ability of God Hand, played on Book of Passwords.
Poke its nose!
Avoid hitting police cars.
Advice given ingame during Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta, played on Watch+Play.
Wake up to prevent them from invading Earth!!
Let's attack them again or run away?
Quotes from the inimitable Hippocampal, played on Watch+Play.
Adjust the gamma.
It's quite bright in the streaming office, with all the studio lights, which can make it hard to see what's onscreen with dark games. Adjusting the game's brightness and/or gamma settings is often necessary to see.
Have you tried cutting off the limbs?
In reference to Dead Space, played on Adam's Gamehaüs.
Should have Become Immense!
In reference to the Magic: the Gathering card.
Now you take that PSI CORE there...
An unnecessarily-repeated line from Psychonauts, played on Things on My Stream.
Always be prepared, Speak Softly and drive a sherman tank
Carve it into your soul
Giga Drill Break
All quotes from Hatoful Boyfriend, played on Crossing the Streams.
Hit them in the crack!
Advice for Alone in the Dark, played on Let's NOPE!
This Network Node is already linked to an artifact.
A unnecessarily-repeated line from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, played on A Swiftly Tilting Cameron
Food is not health.
While playing Civilization: Beyond Earth on A Swiftly Tilting Cameron, Cam noticed that his Health was low, and then started gathering more Food... chat misunderstood this to mean that Cam thought Food and Health were the same, and several people pointed out the difference at once, which became a meme.
Get the guitar back!
In reference to the Black Velvetopia level of Psychonauts, played on Things on My Stream.
Punch yourself in the face repeatedly until you pass out.
Classic advice by Morgan at the first Desert Bus for Hope, and the origin of the "Dear Dr. Whoever" meme.
The fire is hot.
A reference to the Futurama episode "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid", quoted when Alex touched the fire in Amnesia: The Dark Descent on Let's NOPE!
Press F to pay respects.
Press emoticon-7662-src-9ab02b21e4c87f7c-28x28.png to pay respects.
A famous onscreen prompt in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
There's no way out through the ceiling.
A line by the main character in The Walking Dead, played on Adam's Gamehaüs.
Press Prnt Scrn to jump off the cable.
Alone in the Dark has some truly bizarre default control mappings.
Blink to clear blood from your eyes.
Actual onscreen instructions from Alone in the Dark, which had manual blinking controls.
Go in from behind!
Entirely non-suss discussion between the players during Crossing the Streams.
Release your tongue.
Goat Simulator is a weird game.
Don't call your shop "Lube 'n' Go" if you want to get shoppers.
Playing SimCity (2013) on Kathleen Saves the World, Kathleen discovered a shop called "Lube 'n' Go" that had been abandoned for a lack of customers.
Get a data!
Some poor grammar in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, played on IDDQDerp.
We need to move.
We need to get down there.
We should get out of here.
Unhelpful ingame advice in The Evil Within, played on Let's NOPE!
Don't drown.
An objective near the end of Psychonauts.
Try standing closer to the sky.
In Loom (played on Things on My Stream), attempting to Open the sky prompts a response that you're not "close enough".
Don't go in there! That's a bad place! That's a bad place for bunnies!
Don't run or else Daddy's gonna kill ya!
Quotes from Psychonauts.
Kill the two-headed Dad monster!
Another ingame objective from Psychonauts.
Guess Brazil!
Playing GeoGuessr, they went through a period where they got a lot of results in Brazil, to the point where snap-guessing Brazil when it wasn't immediately obvious was a reasonable strategy.
Make it on fire.
Reasonable strategic advice for Alone in the Dark, and generally in life.
There's still a delay.
Someone said something onstream, and someone in chat took that to mean they thought the stream delay was gone, and attempted to helpfully remind them. This quickly became a mini-meme in the chat.
Go live in the woods.
In reference to Fugi's segment of Desert Bus Opening Titles.
I could rhyme / if I tried / I just don't have the inclination
In reference to the rhyming in Child of Light
Remember: Swords.
Playing a Magic: the Gathering cube draft with two swords in the deck, they occasionally forgot to re-equip the swords onto other creatures, leading to this reminder.
A very repetitive sound clip from I.Q.: Intelligent Qube, played on House of Stark.
Just jam it in there.
Annihilate what threatens to destroy you.
Ingame advice in Alice: Madness Returns, played on IDDQDerp.
Hit it in the... you know... thing.
In Bound by Flame, played on GPLP, a game with lots of gratuitous swearing in dialogue, has a character comments that some suspiciously-vulva-shaped enemies "look like... you know... things".
Mash R1.
Cause mayhem.
An objective in Saints Row IV.
The coin makes you faster.
Chat attempting to give the players advice for Mario Kart 8.
More Rockets!
Good general-purpose advice for Kerbal Space Program.
I'm drunk. I'm very very drunk.
A badly-voiced line from One Day For Ched, played on Watch+Play.
You passed the gun.
Playing Black Soul: Extended Edition on Watch+Play, someone in the chat was very adamant that Alex had passed a gun earlier in the game. After much backtracking and exploring, it eventually became clear that they had, in fact, not missed a gun, and the person in the chat was confused by an earlier chapter of the game with a different protagonist.
Look both ways before doing drugs.
Said by Ian in the LRR Destiny voice chat (offstream), while discussing terrible 90s TV PSAs.
Hide for a while.
Ingame instructions in Chasm: The Rift (played on IDDQDerp), immediately before locking the player in a killbox with a giant monster.
Don't call Santa "gentle guy".
One of commonly-used the distorted-demonic-voice clips in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (played on Let's NOPE!) sounds kinda like "You called Santa 'gentle guy'".
You need to stop playing video games!
In Obscure II (played on Let's NOPE!), you can hit your teammates with your weapons. Alex did this several times, accidentally (at first). When you do this as the "computer hacker" character, this line is how your teammate responds.
Do not break the nose.
During a stream of IDDQDerp, during a commercial break, a commercial was played on the streaming computer and the audio got picked up and broadcast on the stream. The ad was an infomercial for some kind of plastic surgery, and involved a plastic surgeon talking about different nose-job techniques. This is a quote from there.
Serve delicious curry!
This is the ingame description of one of the weapons in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (played on IDDQDerp).
Turn off the mic.
Occasionally the host will forget to mute the mic when going on commercial break or ending the stream, resulting in potentially-unwanted statements being broadcast to the Internet.
No teeth-cuddling.
Playing Far Cry 4 on Things on My Stream, Paul is beset by wolves. He is assured by chat that they only wanted to cuddle. Paul is less than enthused by being cuddled by their teeth. This quote is apparently one of Paul's number-one rules.
Get on up!
One of the primary immediate goals in I Am Bread.
Use the oxygen dispensers located on the walls.
This instruction is repeated multiple times to the player in the first level of Alpha Prime, played on Watch+Play.
Pick hammer.
When collecting an item in Alpha Prime, the word "up" is missing from the sentence "You picked hammer". Picking hammer does seem to be optimal in most circumstances.
Select a tour.
The streamers left Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed at this menu while on commercial break during Crossing the Streams, and this instruction was voiced repeatedly by the game.
Why don't you try and talk to the jewelry?
Talk to a certain door to get you into the room.
Listen to what the cat says.
Suggestions made by characters ingame in Soul Blazer, played on Things On My Stream. They made... some amount of sense in context.
Stay focused.
Many sticky notes with this helpful instruction appear on the walls in Verde Station, played on IDDQDerp.
Press the B Button to save the Space Children.
Important instructions in Space Channel 5, played on I, Horner.
Try pointing at it.
In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, the sidekick characters have a way to find hidden items. One character has a flashlight they can shine into dark corners to find things, but the other character simply points at things to find them.
Not there!
Helpful directions given by a companion in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.
Try to avoid being gruesomely killed.
Ingame advice from a character in Star Control II, played on Things on My Stream
Physically enter the onion.
Advice given in chat during Pikmin 2, played on Beej's Backlog.