Year in Review 2009

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Sony reveals a new motion controller, and a panel of experts debate the top game of the year.

Vital Statistics

Year in Review 2009

Airdate: December 16, 2009

Accent Word: Frothy

Job Description: Reindeer enthusiasts

Written, Performed and Photoshopped by: Kathleen De Vere, Jeremy Petter, Paul Saunders, Graham Stark

Appearing: Matt Wiggins, Geoff Howe


  • Blizzard needs beta testers for new Diablo game, a patch for Diablo II
  • Research finds that testosterone is associated with pro-social behaviour, such as planning and teamwork
  • Patents reveal that Sony's motion-control device will have as many as a dozen different pieces
  • Federal Trade Commission conducts study on children's access to explicit game content
  • Activision counter-sues No Doubt for failing to promote and unjustly profiting from Band Hero

Feature Story

Year in Review - Industry experts look back on 2009, and come to a surprising consensus on Game of the Year.


  • This is the first appearance of ChadX, the independent critic from
  • Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is a real game, and the special edition was actually only different because it included stickers.
  • After this episode, the ENN crew took two weeks off for the holidays.
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