Ways to Ruin a Job Interview

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Vital Statistics

Ways to Ruin a Job Interview

Date: November 16, 2007

Category: X Ways to Y

Appearing: Graham Stark, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Nathan Mosher, Alex Bowen

Writing: Graham Stark, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Nathan Mosher, Alex Bowen

Camera: Paul Saunders

Edited by: Graham Stark

Location: Victoria


To ruin one's employment prospects one may: fail to show up on time; be over dressed; be under dressed; be undressed; have too firm of a hand shake; have too soft of a hand shake; have too silly a hand shake; have too urban a handshake; be too eager; be too violent; inflate past service jobs to sound important; have poor phone manner; not be a team player; lack self motivation; be irresponsible in handling cash; be unprofessional in dealing with customers; fail to complete work in a timely manner; make terrible use of time; display a lack of tact in difficult situations; be unwilling to take on new tasks; fail to take directions; show a disregard for loss prevention; lack suitable references; fail a drug test; use the Sam Raimi


This video is the second version that was posted on LoadingReadyRun. The first had a couple of errors in it, most notably a skip in the audio track. Two days after being posted, Graham went back to fix the errors, and while he was in there completely re-edited it. The new version is the result of significant changes on the titles, reduced time between the punchlines, the return of the "ding" effect, and the addition of the Drug Test scene.

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