Ways to Make Someone Leave a Room

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Ways to make people leave the room at any cost.

Vital Statistics

Mr. Tiddlywinks makes Alex leave

Date: January 2, 2004

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: Graham Stark, Bill Watt, Morgan vanHumbeck, Alex Steacy

Camera: Raymond Steacy

Editing: Graham Stark

Music: X ways to Y

Thanks To: Raymond Steacy

Location: Alex Steacy's basement


To make someone leave a room you may: recite goth poetry; make an empty threat; threaten someone; make vulgar thrusting motions; use a machete wielding serial killer; drop your pants; pull your underwear out of your pants; use the force; show them the goatse; be a space cadet; use the full power of your THX sound system; channel surf; the Sam Raimi; call in a favor from a friend.


  • Mr. Tiddlywinks wields a machete rather than a meat cleaver as in later videos.
  • Parts of the basement was often too low for Bill to stand at his full height.
  • Due to poor sleeping arrangements, Graham and Alex had to share bed the following night. This caused Alex' parents to ask him if he still had a girlfriend.
  • Bill would later try the "drop your pants" routine during The Gay Chicken.
  • During the "THX" segment, the hands throwing stuff at Graham are visible on the left side of the screen.
  • According to the commentary, Kayt Mills was asleep on the floor throughout the filming of this video.
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