Ways to Get Yourself Killed in a Horror Movie

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To be safe, you should probably just avoid horror movies all together

Vital Statistics

Ways to Get Yourself Killed in a Horror Movie

Date: March 17, 2006

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: Lissette Arevalo, Graham Stark, Morgan vanHumbeck, Bill Watt, Kathleen De Vere

Editing: Graham Stark

Location: Bill's Place v2.0


Mr. Tiddlywinks (Bill) may kill you in a horror movie if you: answer the phone, answer the door; say any cliched horror movie line including: 'It's okay; he'll never find us in here.', 'It's okay; there's no way he could've gotten here before us.', 'Don't worry: it's all over.', 'Don't worry: he has a pathological fear of closets.', 'Don't worry: he's dead. No one could've survived being hit be a cement truck, having all of his limbs severed, being burned to a crisp, and then being crushed to death by a marching band.', 'Okay, don't worry. I'm not worried. Oh.', 'Okay, don't worry, I have a turkey and Havarti sandwich.' and 'Okay, we managed to escape, but we're still in terribly grave danger... but I think we'll be okay.'; split up; ignore the warnings; be the ethnic minority (in this case South American); wear a red shirt; the Sam Raimi; by infighting;


  • This is the first X ways to Y to include dialog.
  • The tarot reader, played by Graham, is using deck of Uno cards.
  • Graham, Kathleen, Morgan and Lissette play the victims.
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