Warriors of Darkness

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From the left: Derek, Ragnar, Ulric, and Krull

The Warriors of Darkness are a group of dysfunctional evil warriors, possibly of demonic lineage. They are led by Ulric, the most vocal member of the group.

The warriors speak with a deep cadence (except Derek, who does not speak). They struggle to live ordinary lives, often reacting improperly to routine domestic frustrations (such as killing the postman for not having the new coupon book or declaring the barista who constructed a latte incorrectly will "rue the day.")

Ulric is played by Paul Saunders in every appearance. Ragnar is played by Jeremy Petter, except in Giving It (where he was played by James in a behind-the-back shot) and during the live Dungeons and Dragons game during Desert Bus for Hope 4 (in which Jer was the DM). During this session, Ragnar was played by Kroze. Krull is played by Morgan vanHumbeck, except while he was gone during the summer of 2009, where Graham provided his voice in Magicland. Derek is played by Ben Wilkinson in every appearance except Moving Out, where he was played by Graham.

It is sometimes assumed that Paul's lack of goatee following the events of The Shavening has stymied new appearances of the Warriors. As Paul began growing a full beard after Desert Bus for Hope 7, when asked about future appearances of the Warriors during Ask Paul LIVE 2K13, Paul simply said, "Keep an eye out." The Warriors Return was the third weekly update of Season Eleven, and featured all four Warriors of Darkness.

The Warriors of Darkness have appeared in the following videos:


  • A $3,000 donation to the Season 11 Kickstarter was given the title "Warrior of Darkness." The $8,000 tier was almost called "Steve," after the human roommate of the Warriors of Darkness. This was changed to avoid unintentionally suggesting what tier gaming philanthropist and friend of LRR Steve Dengler should select.