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A public service announcement on some parties NOT to vote for on May 17th.

Vital Statistics


Date: May 13, 2005

Category: Other

Appearing: Graham Stark

Writing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Camera: Paul Saunders

Thanks To: Morgan vanHumbeck


LRR presents a helpful guide to the 2005 British Columbia provincial elections. The political parties running include:

  • the Liberals, the people in power at the time, who had kinda messed things up
  • the NDP, who were in power before, who had kinda messed things up

The preceding are the two likely to be viable contenders. Others include:

  • the Greens
  • the BC Marijuana party
  • the BC Refederation party
  • the Bloc party
  • the Western Canada Concept party
  • the BC Annexation party
  • the People of BC Millionaires party
  • the Work Less party
  • the BC Libertarian party
  • the Communist party of BC
  • the Freedom party
  • the POCWHDTTFTABTOP (no, really)
  • the BC Sex party

All the information on the parties mentioned was taken from their official websites. For more info:


  • Paul's name is misspelled in the video credits.
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