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James is a man of many skills, and one that he plans to master is Minecraft. He’s going to play other games too but… he’s really into Minecraft, you guys. When he’s taking a Minecraft break he could be dabbling in CS:GO, MTGO, or even GeoGuesser?

You'll notice during James' stream he enjoys the musical styling of such artists as:

Big Giant Circles

Approaching Nirvana


YouTube Playlist

The video playlist for Video Games with Video James can be found on the LRR Streams YouTube Channel.

Video Games with Video James YouTube Playlist.

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2016-05-12 Minecraft / Rocket League / Geoguessr Link

2016-05-08 Overwatch Open Beta Ep3 Link

2016-05-05 Overwatch Open Beta Link

2016-04-28 Super Mario Maker / Dark Souls 3 / MtG Ep2 Link

2016-04-08 Minecraft Link

2016-04-07 Minecraft / Hyper Light Drifter Ep1 Link

2016-03-17 Rocket League / Superhot Link

2016-03-10 Choice Chamber / Knights of Pen and Paper Link

2016-03-03 MtG / Minecraft / Overwatch Ep6 Link

2016-02-25 Overwatch Ep5 Link

2016-02-18 Overwatch Ep4 Link

2016-02-04 Minecraft / Rise of the Tomb Raider Link

2016-01-21 Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty / Minecraft Link

2016-01-14 Minecraft Link

2016-01-07 Cities: Skylines, etc... Link
Cities: Skylines / Kerbal Space Program / Besiege / Geogusser / Minecraft / Unboxing all the things!


Date Title Link
2015-12-17 Minecraft FTB Infinity / Rocket League / Spelunky / Geogusser Ep3 Link

2015-12-03 Minecraft FTB Infinity Ep2 / Overwatch Ep3 Link

2015-11-26 Overwatch Beta Ep2 / Geoguessr Link

2015-11-05 Minecraft FTB - Infinity / Geoguessr Link

2015-10-29 Overwatch Beta Link

2015-10-22 Rocket League / Destiny Ep4 Link

2015-10-17 Destiny Ep3, Downwell Ep1 Link

2015-10-15 Minecraft Story Mode / Destiny Ep2 Link

2015-10-08 Star Wars Battlefront Beta Link

2015-10-01 Minecraft Link

2015-09-24 Super Mario Maker Ep1 Link

2015-09-17 Dragon Age: Inquisition Ep6 / Destiny Ep1 Link

2015-09-10 Dragon Age: Inquisition Ep5 Link

2015-09-07 Dragon Age: Inquisition Ep4 Link

2015-08-20 Dragon Age: Inquisition Ep3 Link

2015-08-13 Dragon Age: Inquisition Ep2 Link

2015-08-06 James Reads Beginners Guide to Dragon Age / Dragon Age: Inquisition Ep1 Link

2015-07-23 Rocket League Ep1 Link

2015-07-09 Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter / MtG Link

2015-07-02 Dishonored Ep1 Link

2015-06-25 Modded Minecraft DW20 Ep12 / Geogusser / OneFingerDeathPunch Link

2015-06-18 Modded Minecraft DW20 Ep11 Link

2015-06-11 Modded Minecraft DW20 Ep10 Link

2015-06-04 Geoguessor / Magic / Fallout NV Ep1 Link

2015-05-21 MtG Link

2015-04-23 Minecraft on LRRcraft/MTG Ep4 Link

2015-04-16 Minecraft on LRRcraft/MTG Ep3 Link

2015-05-14 Modded Minecraft DW20 Ep9 Link

2015-05-07 Minecraft Modded DW20 Ep8 Link

2015-04-09 Minecraft on LRRcraft/MTG Ep2 Link

2015-04-02 Minecraft on LRRcraft Ep1 Link

2015-03-26 Pillars of Eternity Ep1 Link

2015-03-19 Minecraft Modded DW20 Ep7 Link

2015-02-19 Minecraft Modded DW20 Ep5 Link

2015-02-12 Minecraft Modded DW20 Ep4 Link

2015-02-05 Minecraft Modded DW20 Ep3 Link

2015-01-30 Minecraft Modded DW20 Ep2 Link

2015-01-15 Minecraft Modded DW20 Ep1 Link

2015-01-08 Modded Minecraft with Uno Link


Date Title Link
2014-12-23 GeoGuessr & Kerbal Space Program Link

2014-12-18 Minecraft: FTB Monster (and Geoguesser!) Link

2014-12-11 Minecraft, Clicker Heroes, I Am Bread Link

2014-11-27 Minecraft Bingo! Link

2014-11-06 Minecraft: FTB - Monster Ep 12 w/ Bonus Call of Duty Link

2014-10-30 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 11 Link

2014-10-23 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 10 Link

2014-10-16 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 8 Link

2014-10-16 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 9 Link

2014-10-09 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 7 Link

2014-10-02 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 6 Link

2014-09-25 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 5 Link

2014-09-18 Minecraft: FTB Monster Ep 4 Link

2014-08-22 FTB Beast Ep3 Link
James mines some more craft.
2014-08-15 FTB Monster Ep1 Link
An error in recording means you're joining James part way through the first episode of FTB Monster. Revel as he builds and home and digs into the ground.
2014-07-31 Minecraft -- Feed the Beast Ep4 Link
With some bonus Euro Truck Sim 2... and Surgeon Sim?

There's Minecraft too, I assure you.

2014-07-24 Minecraft -- Feed the Beast Ep3 Link
James keeps feeding his beast.
2014-07-10 Minecraft -- Feed the Beast Ep1 Link
Video James — Minecraft -- Feed the Beast Ep1
2014-07-03 Divinity: Original Sin & MtG Link
James takes a break from crafting his mines to play some Divinity, and some Magic!
2014-06-19 Minecraft & Don't Starve Link
James checks in on Minecraft, and then tries Don't Starve.
2014-06-12 Visiting the LRRcraft Server Link

2014-06-05 Guacamelee! Link
James tries his hands at the luchadore stylings of Guacamelee!
2014-05-22 Transistor Link
James tries his hands at the beautiful Transistor.
2014-05-15 Minecraft Link
James' shenanigans in Minecraft continue.
2014-05-15 Minecraft at LRRCraft (also CS:GO) Link
James plays himself a bunch of Minecraft and also Counter-Strike.
2014-05-01 Minecraft PT8 -- Diversity Adventure Map Link
James plays an MC adventure map!
2014-04-24 Minecraft PT7 -- Weird Maps Link
James fills Graham's house with chickens, among other things.
2014-04-10 Bunch o' Stuff Link
James plays Kingdoms of Amalur, Minecraft Skygrid and CS:GO!
2014-04-03 Minecraft PT6 -- Skygrid! Link
James plays around with some weird Minecraft maps!
2014-03-29 Reaper of Souls -- The Bogadile Link
James hides in the streaming office while the rest of LRR shoots a video.
2014-03-27 Reaper of Souls Link
James (and our buddy Adam) play some Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls!
2014-03-20 Minecraft PT5 Link
James continues to craft his mines.
2014-03-20 Minecraft & Titanfall Link

2014-03-13 Titanfall (& Minecraft) Link
James makes the Titanfall while occasionally checking in on his Minecraft home.
2014-03-06 Minecraft & CSGO Link
James plays Minecraft, then gets bored and plays some Counter-Strike:GO.
2014-02-27 Minecraft PT4 Link
James builds all manner of crazy things.
2014-02-13 Minecraft PT3 Link
James' ongoing adventures!
2014-02-08 Minecraft & Counter Strike Link

2014-01-30 Minecraft PT2 Link
James' adventures in Minecraft!
2014-01-23 Minecraft Link
The adventures continue, James building a creep spawner.

Missing Episodes

The following are episodes of Video Games with Video James which have not been uploaded to the LoadingReadyLive Youtube account.

  • Modded Minecraft DW20 Ep6
  • Overwatch Open Beta Ep2
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