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King Kool is a member of the LRR forums and LRR Wiki sysop. He lives in Rhode Island, USA.

King Kool made an Wiki editing account with the same name, but for some reason, lost access to that account. His early edits to the LRR Wiki are under the original account name (E.G., Xavier.)

He now edits the wiki under the name KingKool2099. (If you see someone named King Kool on the Internet, it might be this King Kool; if you see KingKool2099, it is almost certainly the same guy.)

After five years, King Kool regained control of this account so he could test certain aspects of the wiki he could not experience with the privileges granted as a sysop (such as testing the whitelist and CAPTCHA settings).

For more information on King Kool, visit KingKool2099's user page.