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Hello there! I'm AlexanderDitto on the LRR forums! You might know me as the guy who knits stuff for LRR and Desert Bus sometimes! And I was in that Loading Time video! You know, the one for PAX East 2011? (I'm also in the one for PAX East 2012, very briefly, about four minutes in. I'm sitting at the table during the meetup.) I'm the one responsible for the Five Dollar Facts during Desert Bus 5, and the Six Dollar Secrets during Desert Bus 6. Also I wrote this video about Asparagus! And this video about Pocket Planes! And this video about Papers, Please! And Graham and Kathleen talk about me briefly in this video! Super cool! And I wrote transcripts for about the first hundred episodes of Feed Dump! :D Which means I have watched a lot of Feed Dump episodes at 1/3 speed. :B

I've been a fan of LRR and a member of the forums since Desert Bus 1, way back in 2007. So... over ten years now. Wow. Dang.