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I'm cool. Real profile to come later.

More information about me can be found on my FaceBook or on my LiveJournal.

Made Graham and James crack up by suggesting one of the goofiest Magic cards for "Is It Playable?" (1:45:24 to 1:46:55)

Desert Bus for Hope 5
  • Donated $15 to make Matt Wubstep with Hats, a fan and crew favorite
  • Was the highest bid on the Rare/Mythic Innistrad uncut sheet before being blown out of the water by Notch

Desert Bus for Hope 6
  • Assisted in the logistical details of getting the Sonic costume donated to Desert Bus for Craft-Along
  • Won the Len Peralta Cards Silent Auction
  • Won the Tron Painting Silent Auction
  • Won the Chinese WorldWake entire set Giveaway

Desert Bus for Hope 7