Unskippable 025 - Damnation

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Graham and Paul use their looking glass on the steampunk robots of Damnation.

Vital Statistics

Man, Civil War would be way cooler with robots.

Original Date: June 29, 2009

Re-Upload Date: October 5, 2022

Category: Unskippable

Written And Performed By: Graham Stark and Paul Saunders


Increasingly unconvincing allegedly Civil-War themes steampunk. Not nearly as awesome as it sounds.


This is what happens when Unreal Tournament mods get released as full games. I wish I was kidding, but at least it explains a lot.


  • Graham says "Get it on!" as the main character gestures with his sword, a reference to Captain Tenneal in MXC, a show frequently referenced during The Idiot Room.
  • They compare the competence of the hero in this game to "the guy from Lost Odyssey."
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