Ubi's Insane Resolution Solution

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They probably couldn't have stopped it, but if Ubisoft didn't want people to argue, they shouldn't have done THIS. Also stories on Star Wars, a Chinese charades game, Destiny, and GTA V.

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Date: October 23, 2014

Written and Performed by: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Paul Saunders

Story Graphics: Paul Saunders

CheckPoint Graphics: Graham Stark

Music: Bradley Rains

Produced by: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders


Ubisoft neatly avoided a "which console is better" debate by replacing it with a much, much stupider one.


  • The new Destiny event doesn't favor players with more expensive gear.
  • Chinese mobile game Crazy Lai Wang has been caught making gameplay videos public without permission.
  • Assassins Creed Unity will be 900p, 30fps on both the Xbox One and the PS4, and its creators won't stop defending the choice.
  • Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of GTAV for allegedly using her image.
  • The former president of Factor 5 is talking about all the Star Wars games they never got to make.

Coming Up

Powers is a new superhero TV show coming exclusively to the PlayStation Network, because everyone needs to be making their own TV shows these days. I look forward to America's Hottest Graph, coming next year to my Texas Instruments 83+.

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