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Toast (as himself)
Date of Birth: 2007
Duties: Actor
First Appearance: The Secret Life of Toast
Last Appearance: Loading Time - Moving the Moonbase
Recurring Characters: Toast

Toast (2007-2010) was a supporting player for LoadingReadyRun, starting in Season 4. He (though Toast's gender was never established) first appeared in The Secret Life of Toast. Since then, he was a much-loved minor character among the crew and makes frequent background appearances.

It is important to note that Toast is the same piece of white toast that was used in the original video. Both pieces of toast that were eaten during the shoot were separate pieces of "stunt toast".

According to the Loading Time for RapStar 64K, Kathleen considers the crew insane for their lavish adoration of Toast.

Toast was one of the guest drivers for Desert Bus 2.

Tragically, during Loading Time - Moving the Moonbase, it was discovered that Toast had been neglected during his time in the Moonbase Mk. II, and was mauled by a mouse. It was heavily implied that Toast was thrown out.