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Tinker Tailer Solder Fry is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming every other Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST/2am GMT.

Ian leads this hands-on DIY show that is not a “how to” but more of a “let’s try!” Join Ian and various cohosts, as they attempt new crafting and DIY projects. Let’s learn together!

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2019-03-07 Naomi board and Minifig painting Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! 🎦
2019-02-21 Leather Working and Model Kit Link
Leatherwork and Topol! They rob banks!
2019-02-07 Assembling oscilloscopes part 2 and TOPOL Model Kits part 1 Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! Assembling oscilloscopes and TOPOL Model Kits! 🎦
2019-01-24 Car blinker wiring and Paints Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! Car blinker wiring and Paints Ahoy! 🎦
2019-01-21 Painting minis and Fixing XLRs Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! We’re painting minis and Fixing XLRs. 🎦


Date Title Link
2018-12-13 Holiday Cooking Link
Join Ian & Kathleen for TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDER, FRY as they make festive foods! Perogis and gingerbread loaf, respectively.
2018-11-29 Leather Working, Building an Oscilloscope, and Model Painting Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! We’re painting minis, sewing leather, and melting solder into an oscilloscope. 🎦
2018-11-01 iPhones and leather Link
🔵 Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry! Gonna finish up Graham’s iPhone 5 battery, and then it’s more DIY leather bag!!
2018-10-18 Seasonal Gourd Decoration Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! We’re carving pumpkins! 🎃
2018-10-04 Leather Working Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, messing around with leather, right now! 🎦
2018-09-27 iPhone 5s Battery Replacement Link
Tonight on Tinker Tailer Solder Fry, we’re replacing a bulging battery in Graham’s old iPhone 5s. It probably won’t catch fire.
2018-08-09 Ben and Kathleen cook Sausage Stew Link
Let’s COOK!! Kathleen is gonna show Ben how to Do A Stew™
2018-08-05 Classic Mac Pro Upgrade Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, upgrading a MacPro, right now! 🎦
2018-07-26 Miniature Painting Link
Cameron is painting more minis on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, so come stop by and say hello!
2018-07-19 Fight Stick and Figure Painting Link
Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, finishing the Naomi arcade home conversion right now! 🎦
2018-06-14 Dreamcast Ω Link
Dreamcast modification finale
2018-05-31 Painting Silver Tower Miniatures Link

2018-05-03 Making Tofu Link
With Ian and Kathleen
2018-04-19 Making an HDMI Auto-Detection shutoff valve Link

2018-04-03 Upgrading an extension cord and painting figures Link

2018-03-20 NAOMI Final Push and Frankenstein's laptop Link

2018-03-06 Japanese Curry Link

2018-02-20 Vegetarian Recipes Link

2018-02-06 Ian makes a Keg Washer, Cameron paints Link

2018-01-23 Headphones modification Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-11 Cooking with Ian & Kathleen Link

2017-11-27 Stark Family Christmas Baking Link

2017-10-30 Mini Project Catch Up Link

2017-10-17 Home Automation 2 - Baking a Pi Link

2017-10-02 Home Automation with HomeBridge and Raspberry Pi Link

2017-09-18 Naomi 2 Resurrection Ep2 Link

2017-08-23 Build all the Furniture! Link

2017-08-07 One Turntable and Two Microphones Link

2017-07-17 Gundam Style Link

2017-06-19 Nail party! Link

2017-06-05 Naomi 2 Arcade System Build Link

2017-05-22 Coffee and T-shirt Cannons Link

2017-05-08 T-shirt Cannon Link

2017-04-24 Rebuilding Controllers & Sharpening Knives Link

2017-04-10 Cooking With Ian and Kathleen Link

2017-04-02 Matt PC Build Link

2017-03-13 Panty Production and iMac Surgery Link

2017-02-27 Microphone Maintenance & Figure Painting Link

2017-02-06 Boot Polishing and Modding a Dreamcast Link

2017-01-23 Bricking a Dreamcast and Making Pasta Link

2017-01-09 Leather Bullet Journal Cover Link

2017-01-08 Bonus Stream--Heather's PC Build Link


Date Title Link
2016-12-19 Bengineering PC Build Link

2016-12-12 Bricking a Dreamcast and Warhammer Painting Link

2016-11-28 LCD Monitor "Fixing" Link

2016-10-31 Silver Tower Painting Link

2016-10-31 Pumpkin Carving Link

2016-10-17 Pizza Party Veggie Edition Link

2016-10-03 Okonomiyaki / Kiridashi Link

2016-09-19 Joystick Explorations and Physically Enter the Guitar Link

2016-08-22 Ottoman Adventure and Bluetooth Speakers Link

2016-08-08 Cookies and Tonic Link
Do not watch without snacks.
2016-07-29 Bonus stream: #WarhammerAndChill Link

2016-07-25 Bluetoothing and Painting Link

2016-07-11 CD to SSD Conversion + Model Painting Link

2016-06-27 Hero Quest Painting / Zori Sandals Link

2016-06-13 Kate's PC Build / Hat Creation Link

2016-05-30 Kegerator / Hat Pattern Ep2 Link

2016-05-16 Kegerator / Hat Pattern Ep1 Link

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