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Tim Sevenhuysen
Tim Sevenhuysen
Tim's About Page Picture
Date of Birth: April 18
Family: Larissa (wife), Calvin (son), Victor (son)
Duties: Actor
First Appearance: Emergency Situation (28 July 2008)
Last Appearance: The LoadingReadyRumble 2 (30 December 2014)
Desert Bus
First Appearance: Desert Bus for Hope 2 (28 November 2008)
Last Appearance: The Tale of Matt Wiggins (28 November 2011)
Website: TimSevenhuysen.com
Twitter: @TimSevenhuysen
Tim, with Linus

Formerly known as Proudfoot on the forums, Tim Sevenhuysen is the creator of The LoadingReadyRun Community Profile and Loading Time; a behind the scenes look at LoadingReadyRun.

Tim's first contact with LoadingReadyRun came during the original Desert Bus for Hope, when he purchased and delivered a chocolate cake and used it to bribe his way onto the "set", where he spent an hour chatting to people over IRC with Kathleen and playing WiiSports Bowling with Graham, James and Bill.

According to traditional LRR canon in Easy Bake Spore, Tim was created by Matt accidentally with the tabletop Spore kit, mixing both his own and Jer's genetic traits. According to the Timeline of the LRRd, he now lives on the Underground Moonbase and makes the Loading Time videos to pay for his continued existence. In commodoreHUSTLE canon, Tim works at the video store, and was Geoff's accomplice until he was tortured with THE PRONGS, whereupon he developed rather severe Stockholm syndrome. This led to a new nickname, Stockholm, and he began attending regular crew meetings and events.

In the Sir Timothy LoadingReadyRunners bonus video, Tim was made an official LRR crewmember.

Tim is also the creator and primary author for the 50 Word Stories website.

Tim left the LRR crew on September 13th 2010 to work on other projects including finishing his Master's. On April 30, 2011, Tim married his girlfriend Larissa. On September 29, 2011, he announced he and Larissa were expecting their first child. Calvin William Sevenhuysen was born April 13, 2012, and Victor James Sevenhuysen was born October 24, 2013.

DB Crew

Has been a Desert Bus Crew member on the following runs:

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