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Those Games We Played is a spin-off of the LRRcast that focuses exclusively on video games. Its name is taken from the video of the same name.

List of Episodes

Title LRRcasters Date
TGwP - E3 2013 Review June 18, 2013
The triumphant return of Those Games sees James, Paul, Graham and Kathleen talking about the news out of this years E3!
TGwP - Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, iOS Games April 4, 2013
Paul talks about Sleeping Dogs, James finishes off Tomb Raider, Kathleen dives into the new P4 dungeon, and Graham has some iOS suggestions.
TGwP - 3DS Games, Tomb Raider & SimCity March 12, 2013
The crew catches up on Graham's 3DS play, James has been playing Tomb Raider and discusses the SimCity debacle.
TGwP - New Mario Bros 2 & March Releases March 5, 2013
Graham talks about New Super Mario Bros 2, and we look at upcoming games we're looking forward to.
TGwP - Persona 4, Farcry 3, and THE PS4! February 25, 2013
The gang discusses Resident Evil: Revelations, Persona 4 The Golden, FarCry 3, and reacts to the PS4 announcement.
TGwP - Dishonored, Ni No Kuni, Layton & Pandaria January 26, 2013
Those Game We Played is back! This week we catch up with talk of Dishonored, Mist of Pandaria, and Professor Layton 5. Plus early impressions of Ni No Kuni.
TGWP: Max Planes July 12, 2012
This week we discuss Pocket Planes, Max Payne 3, Magic 2013 and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.
TGWP Diablo 3 Matt Wiggins, Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere May 30, 2012
Those Games We Played touches talks Diablo 3, and touches on Mass Effect, Driver: SF, and AssCreed: Revelations.
TGWP - Mass Effect & iOS Galore March 24, 2012
LRR discusses Mass Effect (the game, not the ending) and a bunch of fun iOS games.
TGwP: Games Games Games! March 10, 2012
Paul, Graham, Matt and Kathleen discuss their gaming experience from the past several weeks.
TGwP: Triple Bears Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Kathleen De Vere, James Turner January 27, 2012
James, Kathleen, Graham and Paul share their gaming habits from the past few weeks.
TGWP Post-Desert Bus December 20, 2011
After Desert Bus, we've actually had time to play some games! Here they are!
TGwP: Uncharted November 29, 2011
Graham, Matt, Paul and Kathleen chat about video games. Hopefully ones they have been playing.
TGwP: Three Musketeers September 3, 2011
It's the LRRcast! We chat about our videos and answer your questions.
TGWP Bradlestar Galactica August 3, 2011
The first TGWP in a month means actual content! And Brad!
TGwP: Everybody Talks! July 12, 2011
Those Games we Play in which the LRR crew chats about all sorts of fun games.
TGWP: E3 June 24, 2011
The crew discusses their latest games and a roundup of E3 news.
TGwP: Or are we? June 6, 2011
The LRRcrew don't have any new games to talk about so instead we chat about ponys.
TGWP: Portal 2 May 17, 2011
All manner of spoilers up in here.
2:00 - BioShock 2
19:00 - Dragon Age 2
29:00 - Portal 2
You have been warned!
TGwP: Future Consoles April 27, 2011
Our first video podcast!
TGwP: Gaming Games!! April 16, 2011
This week Kathleen, Graham, Paul, Alex, James and Jer join you to chat about what they have been playing.
TGwP: P3P, Torchlight, Majin, Dragon Age. April 2, 2011
Jeremy, Matt, Paul, Kathleen and Graham talk some recent games, catching up on a month of play.
TGwP: Gam3s!! March 14, 2011
We chitty chat bout some games yo.
TGwP: Games January 21, 2011
The LRR crew chats about the games they have all been playing.
TGwP: Year End Thoughts December 31, 2010
The LRR crew chats about this past year in gaming.
TGwP: Episode AWESOME October 23, 2010
The LRR Crew chats about the game we have been playing lately.
TGwP: Magic: The Gathering October 6, 2010
The LRR crew share what they have been playing for the past few weeks.
TGwP: Games! September 18, 2010
Those Games we Play. Listen to the LRR crew prattle on about what games we have been enjoying/hating lately.
TGwP: We be gaming August 19, 2010
Weekly-ish Those Games we Play. Learn what the crew of LRR is playing this week.
TGwP: Go Go Games! August 7, 2010
Those games we play: Learn what the LRR crew are playing this week.
TGwP: Motion July 3, 2010
This week the LRR crew talk about some video games and get in a heated discussion about motion control.
TGwP: FF13 FINALE! June 21, 2010
This week on "Those Games we Play" much discussion is had about Final Fantasy 13, and some other stuff.
TGwP: RPG? May 22, 2010
Weekly Podcast in which the LRR crew talk video games.
TGwP: May 2010 May 15, 2010
Weekly podcast devoted to the games the LRR crew have been spending their time playing.
TGwP: Moar FF13 April 20, 2010
We continue our talk of Final Fantasy and dabble in a few other games.
TGwP: Final Fantasy 13 March 18, 2010
We talk about Final Fantasy 13, alot. Like more than we should.
TGwP: Playing March 4, 2010
LRRs weekly gaming podcast. This week Paul, Jer and Matt talk about the games they are currently playing.
TGwP: Sequels February 20, 2010
LRR weekly gaming podcast. We chat about the videos games we have been playing and this week we take some time to talk sequels.
TGwP: Gaming on the iPad February 4, 2010
The LRR crew talks about the games they have been playing, and this week talks about the gaming possibility of apples new iPad.