The Whatever Thing: Episode One

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LoadingReadyRun's third anniversary and the consequences thereof.

Vital Statistics

The Whatever Thing: Episode One

Date: October 27, 2006

Category: The Whatever Thing

Appearing: Morgan vanHumbeck, Graham Stark

Editing: Morgan vanHumbeck

Haiku: Morgan vanHumbeck

Whatever Clip: Graham Stark


Morgan and Graham introduce a new site feature for the v4.0 update: The Whatever Thing! Topics discussed include: a cloned chimera of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, Tibetan slacking techniques, headcheese, Morgan's startle reflex, the dangers of getting high on your own supply, and the laziness of LoadingReadyRun's cast. A request is made for fans to submit video clips of themselves saying "whatever" and haikus.


"Send us a haiku.

Hopefully we will show yours.

Unless yours sucks balls."


  • In the corresponding LRRcast, the LRRites explain the new schedule: The Whatever Thing on Mondays, LRRcasts on Wednesday, and a new video on Friday.
  • The response to the request for fan submissions was overwhelming - Morgan stated on the 'cast that they have enough haikus to fill six months of WT, and even if they read only the funniest submissions it would fill four. Several video submissions were also received.
  • Morgan constructed and edited this video, making this part of the limited LRR content not to be edited by Graham (the LRRcasts have become James' responsibility, and Vietnam and Victoria Air Guitar 2005 were edited in whole or in part by Jeremy).
  • The Explanation of how and why the crew is so lazy was also mentioned in issue #23 of Roomies.
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