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The Whatever Thing logo

Format: Satirical News
Created By: Morgan VanHumbeck and Graham Stark
Status: Discontinued
Updates: Mondays
Host: Revver & Youtube
Original Run: Oct. 27, 2006 - Nov. 6, 2007
Associated Shows: Phailhaüs (spritual successor), Man Cooking (spin-off), Feed Dump (distant successor)
The Whatever Thing is a terrible name.
- Graham, during the Whatever Thing DVD commentary.

The Whatever Thing was a bonus video series on LoadingReadyRun that normally starred Morgan and Graham. While they usually went over the weirdest news of the week, they have been known to stray into other subjects (like Man Cooking).

The Whatever Thing started with a video of someone saying "whatever", and ended with a fan-submitted haiku.

While The Whatever Thing was originally produced roughly once ever week or two, due to Morgan's laziness The Whatever Thing was discontinued. The first Whatever Thing, Episode 1, was put up on October 27, 2006; the last, Limited Return was put up on November 5, 2007.

The spiritual successor to the Whatever Thing is the Phailhaüs.

The haiku read as part of The Whatever Thing can be found here.

During the first Desert Bus for Hope, Morgan said he would make one Whatever Thing for each $200 donation for that purpose. None were made.

The Whatever Thing
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