The Panalysts Ep 2 - Boutros Boutros Gary

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This week the Panalysts tell you why Allen isn't a good name for a dog.

Vital Statistics

The Panalysts Ep 2 - Boutros Boutros Gary.jpg

Date: May 3, 2018

Category: The Panalysts

Host: Kathleen De Vere

Cohosts: Ben Ulmer, Ian Horner, Serge Yager, Brendan "Beej" Dery

Edited by: Kathleen De Vere


  • Through a mystery of the universe, you have been teleported to the edge of the known universe. You are there with only one other person: a gift shop proprietor. All you can afford is a dinky fridge magnet. Do you buy the magnet?
    • Ben and Ian: Yes
      • 4 points for inventing a beautiful scenario where Ben ends up with some magical cafe anime
    • Serge and Beej: No
      • 3 points for appealing to Kathleen's hatred of clutter and ½ a point for being so good about losing the round
  • The United Nations has decided "No more dumb names for dogs". Your job is to come up with a better, universal dog name
    • Ben and Serge: Gray
      • 2½ points for being very invested
    • Ian and Beej: Boutros Boutros
      • 2 points, one for each Boutros
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