The Panalysts Ep 10 - Nemesis

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This week our Panalysts get horny on main, fix the human body and choose the best animal nemesis.

Vital Statistics

The Panalysts Ep 10 - Nemesis.jpg

Date: July 5, 2018

Category: The Panalysts

Host: Kathleen De Vere

Cohosts: Serge Yager, Jacob Burgess, Alex Steacy, Cameron Lauder

Editing: Kathleen De Vere


  • You've been in a car accident and all of your bones were crushed. You can have one nagging design problem of human design fixed while they are rebuilding you. Do you opt for: teeth that never need to be flossed because nothing gets stuck in them, or toenails you never have to clip again?
    • Serge and Jacob:
      • 2 points to Jacob for bringing in the mythological reason why toenails are disgusting
    • Alex and Cameron: Floss-less teeth
      • 2 points for fearless tongue friends
  • You have won an accursed lottery. You will get $10 million and a little something extra; a lifelong arch-nemesis of either: an immortal, incredibly venomous snail, or an extremely intelligent and resourceful baboon with a normal lifespan.
    • Serge and Jacob: Snail
      • 4 point for their well laid-out life plan
    • Alex and Cameron: Baboon
      • ∞ points to Cameron for being so cool
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