The Panalysts Ep51 - Rear Ending Bibendum

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Good News! You're getting a new roommate.

Vital Statistics

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Date: December 12, 2019

Category: The Panalysts

Host: Molly Lewis

Cohosts: Kathleen De Vere, Jacob Burgess, Ian Horner, Adam Savidan

Edited by: Kathleen De Vere


  • Your landlord's Large Adult son is moving back home and your lease is not being renewed. So you enter a sketchy lottery where the grand prize is a newly vacant residence. So where do y'all make your new home: a micro-loft in a new building downtown; or a reindeer farm in the most remote place you can reach by road in Finland
    • Kathleen and Jacob: reindeer farm
    • Ian and Adam: micro-loft
  • You are an influencer and a big marketing firm wants to hire you to be the face of their new campaign. The plan is to set you up in a very public and very dramatic, yet totally fictional relationship with a corporate avatar. So who do you want to take to the media prom and how does that play out? Either: Tony the Tiger, Mr Clean, or Bibendum (the mascot for Michelin Tyre).
    • Kathleen and Jacob: Bibendum
    • Ian and Adam: Tony the Tiger
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