The Panalysts Ep27 - Shore Leave

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This week our Panalysts have to coordinate an Alien shore leave and give a TED talk. They are unprepared for both tasks.

Vital Statistics

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Date: November 8, 2018

Category: The Panalysts

Host: Kathleen De Vere

Cohosts: Ian Horner, Serge Yager, Cameron Lauder, Ben Ulmer

Edited by: Kathleen De Vere


  • Aliens are real and they have come to Earth to party! Penultimate Commander Loas of the Crackafoonian Supreme Space Corps has decided that the best place for the 20,000 strong crew of the Buzifungin Infinite Sum to experience 48 hours of well-deserved shore leave is Earth. And it has fallen to you to book the entertainment. So do you take the crew to Burning Man, and let nature take it's course; or do you book out all the available slots for an exhaustive tour of the Hormel Foods spam processing plant and associated spam museum, and the presumably let nature take it's course?
    • Ian and Serge: Spam factory
      • 1 million points
    • Cameron and Ben: Burning Man
      • 1 million points + 1 because you having more fun overall.
  • You have woken for a deep sleep and you feel refreshed and invigorated thanks you a hearty dose of Ambien. The bad news is that you appear to be on stage about to give a TED talk to a packed auditorium. You have no idea what you are going to talk about or why you're there, but there is something telling you that whatever you do, it'd better relate to renewable energy in some way. So start talking!
    • Ian and Serge: Gasoline
      • 1 point for the Albertan accents
    • Cameron and Ben: Grapefruit
      • 1 point for at least being slightly on topic
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