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Format: Panel Show
Created By: Kathleen De Vere
Status: Ongoing
Updates: Thursdays
Host: YouTube (2018 - )
Original Run: April 26, 2018 -
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The Panalysts are here to solve the very real and not at all inconsequential problems of the world... by arguing about them on a British-style panel show.


Two teams of two contestants solve some problems the host has come up with.


All scoring is at the hosts discretion. Detailed scoring statistics can be found here.

List of Episodes

Season 2

# Title Host Panalysts Date
47 I have Two Goblets Molly Adam, Jacob, Cameron and Beej July 11, 2019
Host Molly Lewis surprises our Panalysts with her most devious questions yet.
46 Rock Hard Washington Molly Ian, Adam, Serge and Beej July 4, 2019
On this week's episode, host Molly Lewis conclusively proves that none of our Panalysts should ever be allowed to stage a musical.
45 Opening the Walt Vault Molly Kathleen, Ian, Jacob and Cori June 27, 2019
On this week's episode, host Molly Lewis confronts the inadequacies of the Canadian education system.
44 Every Cat's a Garf Molly Cameron, Cori, Kathleen and Serge June 20, 2019
It's a special all-cat themed episode of the Panalysts, what could go wrong?
43 A Prosthetic For Our Own Ass Molly Graham, Kathleen, Beej and Adam June 13, 2019
Molly Lewis demands to know the answer to an age old question -- cash, grass, or ass.
42 Historical Piss Ninjas Molly Serge, Ian, Graham and Adam June 6, 2019
Good news, you're a world champion. What you are the best at... is the bad news. Molly Lewis learns about an ill-fated trip to the Warped Tour in this week's episode.
41 Every Baby is a Horcrux Molly Ian, Cam, Kathleen and Beej May 30, 2019
Amazon sent you some weird stuff and Molly Lewis wants to know what you'd do with it?
40 Hickory Smoked Horse Buttholes Molly Cori, Graham, Cam, and Jacob May 23, 2019
Our new quizzical overlord Molly Lewis asks the panel a most intimate question: What would your human kibble be?
The Panalysts Season 2 Promo Molly Ian, Adam, Serge and Beej May 16, 2019
Promo for Season 2 of The Panalysts

Season 1

# Title Host Panalysts Date
39 Batman or Jock Itch Kathleen Ian, Cam, Cori, Serge February 28, 2019
This week our Panalysts debate which fate is worse -- being part of the DC cinematic universe, or having a really itchy groin.
38 Voreo or Shartcuterie Kathleen Beej, Ian, Cori, Cam February 21, 2019
This week our Panalysts attempt to improve Oreos, with predictable results.
37 Kia Sedona or Artificial Insemination Kathleen Beej, Serge, Cam and Graham February 14, 2019
This week our Panalysts debate the best animal (out of available options) to be reincarnated as, and what is appropriate ask for a rider.
36 "Free" Ham or Feral Lemurs Kathleen Ian, Cori, Graham and Adam February 8, 2019
This week, our intrepid panalysts aim to ruin Madagascar while improving your odds at winning big in Ikea!
35 Melf's Acid Arrow or Rude Note Ian Serge, Cameron, Kathleen and Cori January 31, 2019
This week, under Ian's purview, our Panalysts choose a nemesis and decide if they want to be big brain or very little brain.
34 Garbage Fountain or Fire Bag Kathleen Beej, Ian, Cori and Jacob January 24, 2019
This week our Panalysts debate the most efficient method of killing the last living transformer, and how to get the most mileage out of a curse.
33 Angry Pig or Wet Predator Graham Ian, Kathleen, Serge and Cameron January 17, 2019
This week our Panalysts decide whether it's best to crush late stage capitalism from the inside or the outside, and what the best crappy vacation is.
32 Death or Paperwork Kathleen Cori, Graham, Jacob, and Beej January 10, 2019
The Panalysts return to debate which is less desirable, spending time with Lindsay Lohan or being murdered by hobbits.
31 Satan's Hard at Work (Holiday Special) Cameron Adam, Jacob, Kathleen and Serge December 14, 2018
Happy holidays from the Panalysts! Your stocking has either a cursed diamond, a bunch of plutonium, or a frisky devil ruining your favourite childhood movie.
30 Floss or Butthole Kathleen Adam, Serge, Cameron and Jacob December 6, 2018
This week our Panalysts debate long-term career plans and what do when the world discovers your naked body is magnificent.
29 Ocelot vs Vagina Egg Kathleen Jacob, Serge, Cameron and Adam November 30, 2018
This week our panalysts debate the best way to spend the night in Brooklyn, and how to ruin two things that are average at best.
28 Another Gundam Situation Kathleen Beej, Ian, Graham and Cameron November 15, 2018
This week our Panalysts land a plane, reference Beowulf and fondly remember
27 Shore Leave Kathleen Ian, Serge, Cameron and Ben November 8, 2018
This week our Panalysts have to coordinate an Alien shore leave and give a TED talk. They are unprepared for both tasks.
26 Seasonal and Local Kathleen Beej, Cameron, Serge and Graham October 25, 2018
This week our Analysts manage to outwit both some classic villains and the Hallmark Channel.
25 Get Comfortable With It Kathleen Adam, Ian, Cameron and Beej October 18, 2018
This week our Panalysts have figured out a way to improve milk.
24 Self Acceptance Edition Kathleen Beej, Adam, Cameron and Ian October 11, 2018
This week our Panalysts debate the merits of AU fanfic, and decide to preach some radical self acceptance in a desperate bid to get on Ellen.
23 Pox or Pox Kathleen Ian, Ben, Jacob and Serge October 4, 2018
This week our Panalysts just have a chill discussion about how Serge is definitely going to die.
22 Going Ham Kathleen Beej, Serge, Ben and Jacob September 24, 2018
This week our Panalysts turn a curse into a gift, and a gift into a curse. Also Kathleen has trouble doing basic math.
21 Losing an Ear Kathleen Jacob, Serge, Cameron and Beej September 24, 2018
This week our Panalysts discuss what it was like to grow up in Canada, the best activities for children's birthday parties, and how to shame a YouTuber.
20 The Embodiment of all fears Kathleen Cameron, Serge, Nelson and Beej September 13, 2018
This week our Panalysts decide how best to embody hopelessness in public art, plan for some radical wealth redistribution, and estimate how long it would take to have sex with their duplicates.
19 Lil Chippy Kathleen Adam, Cameron, Ben and Nelson September 6, 2018
This week our Panalysts please their mothers, get excellent nicknames, and seek to snuff out all life in the universe by exploiting a technicality.
18 UR Mommy Kathleen Ben, Jacob, Adam and Beej August 30, 2018
This week our Panalysts want to eat their mothers, get covered in caustic poo, and invent capitalism several centuries too soon.
17 Research and Jest Kathleen Graham, Beej, Cameron and Jacob August 23, 2018
This week our Panalysts decide what is the most noble thing to spend lots of other people's money researching, and what garbage they want thrown down a well at them.
16 Just Puffin Things Kathleen Cameron, Graham, Beej and Jacob August 16, 2018
Time to train a ghost and count some puffins.
15 Freemasonry for Skids Kathleen Beej, Cameron, Alex and Serge August 9, 2018
This week our panalysts kit out their sick rides and decide what fashions to unearth for the discerning customers of 2018.
14 Dan Brown's Sister Act II Kathleen Alex, Cameron, Serge and Ian August 4, 2018
Everyone wants to grow up and be a chief clam polisher.
13 Ointments Kathleen Beej, Adam, Ian and Jacob July 26, 2018
This week our panalysts debate which is the best superpower, and what they are willing to do for a friend.
12 Empty this Dog Please Kathleen Cameron, Jacob, Adam and Graham July 19, 2018
This week our panalysts debate personal secretions, and the best way to help a friend in need.
11 Forbidden Fruits Kathleen Graham, Serge, Jacob and Alex July 12, 2018
Look, Nobel Prizes just aren't that easy to get.
10 Nemesis Kathleen Serge, Jacob, Alex and Cameron July 5, 2018
This week our panalysts get horny on main, fix the human body and choose the best animal nemesis.
9 A Goofy Situation Kathleen Alex, Cameron, Graham and Jacob June 28, 2018
This week our Panalysts decide what they're willing to endure to protect the noble Scottish vole, and how much they like feta cheese.
8 Instant Coffee Kathleen Cameron, Ian, Beej and Alex June 14, 2018
This week our Panalysts must choose between the wishes granted by a crap genie, and a vacation of someone else's wildest dreams.
7 The Literal Queen Kathleen Serge, Ben, Alex, and Graham June 7, 2018
This week our Panalysts get hot under the collar while discussing the mortality of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth the Second.
6 Noted Lich Paul Anka Kathleen Graham, Ian, Cameron and Ben May 31, 2018
This week the Panalysts decide which the better sweepstakes prize is, and also weigh in on trends in modern architecture.
5 Welcome to Hell! Kathleen Ian, Serge, Beej and Cameron May 18, 2018
This week our Panalysts solve sea-predator employment issues and decide what the best form of eternal torment is.
4 Mars Bringer of Cake Kathleen Cameron, Alex, Ian and Beej May 18, 2018
The Panalysts come up with a way to improve children’s birthday parties.
3 Duck or Moustache Kathleen Graham, Cameron, Serge and Alex May 10, 2018
This week we decide what creations biggest mistake is, and the best manner to be cursed.
2 Boutros Boutros Gary Kathleen Ben, Ian, Serge and Beej May 3, 2018
This week the Panalysts tell you why Allen isn't a good name for a dog.
1 Hovercraft Inheritance Kathleen Graham, Ben, Cameron and Beej April 26, 2018
Is a hovercraft you can't drive better than a crap car you can drive? Also what is the best Christmas gift, in aggregate?

Bonus Episodes

Title Host Panalysts Date
PAX Aus 2018 Kathleen De Vere Tegan Higginbotham, Paul Verhoeven, Ben and Beej November 22, 2018
Live from PAX Australia, our Panalysts (featuring the hilarious Tegan Higginbotham and Paul Verhoeven) debate what the most unpleasant way to spend an evening is.
Shux 2018 Kathleen De Vere Andrew, Beej, Ian and Dan Floyd November 2, 2018
This week our Panalysts try something new! Ever want to see what a recording session looks like? Here's an unedited prompt from our live session at SHUX 2018!