The Alternative to Telemarketers

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Believe us there are far worse things.

Vital Statistics

The Alternative to Telemarketers

Date: November 14, 2003

Category: Shorts

Appearing: James Turner, Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Edited by: Graham Stark

Location: Jessica's garage


To get around the do not call list, marketers are forces to kidnap James off the street, drag him off and ask him many silly questions.


  • This was the first scripted video. As in most videos the script is in the shot.
  • The title is written in Futura font. The following video, Ways to Eat Fries, would be the first in the series that would become X Ways to Y, in which the on-screen titles are always written in Futura.
  • James did pick the Coke between Coke and Pepsi.
  • This video was inspired by an interrogation scene in the Jackie Chan movie Project A2. Paul and Graham wondered what an interrogation would be like if people asked ridiculous questions.
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