The 2007 Christmas Special

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"Manliness is in direct proportion to largeliness!"
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Why is there never anything good on TV on Christmas morning?

Vital Statistics

The 2007 Christmas Special

Date: December 21, 2007

Category: Other

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, Matt Wiggins, Jeremy Petter, Morgan vanHumbeck, James Turner, Kate Stark

Writing: LoadingReadyRun

Edited by: Graham Stark


These fragments of Christmas Day TV broadcasts will bring jagged shards of joy into your heart.


  • The movie "Attack of the Yuletide Terrorists" is a reference to another B-movie Paul Kennedy has starred in, "Revenge of the Tropical Terrorists", as mentioned in The James Masterson School for Dictatorial Improvement.
  • Yummies Snack Cakes appear again.
  • In the Three PS3s clip, Paul's hand isn't bandaged, because unlike The Season 4 Finale where he was remembering the original video incorrectly, this is actually taking place a year later. His hand has since healed.
  • The glasses Matt wears as Randy-from-the-future are the same as those worn by The Guy Who is Super.
  • Gravitic Warp made their first appearance in Celestial Sea: Episode 2 and recently appeared in The Truce.
  • The clip in black and white is actually just a clip from the previous year's holiday special, It's a Wonderful Game.
  • In regards to the "Christmas Wish" segments, Graham said: "The Christmas Wish was a thing one of the Seattle stations used to air around this time of year. And I was watching it, and they totally had kids asking for video game systems 'to play with their grandfather'. And here's me sitting there, age 12, thinking 'those clever bastards!'"

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