Terrorist Salad Bar

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It would take you longer to build a tower of salad than it would to eat it.

Vital Statistics

"Uh, sir, don't you think our new slogan, 'do your part, eat a terrorist today!' might be a little extreme?"

Date: January 11, 2012

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Paul Saunders, James Turner

Editing: Graham Stark


  • News Word of the Week: Clues
  • A man whose legal name was Beezow Doo-Doo Zoppitybop-Bop-Bop was arrested in Wisconsin.
  • A man in China has figured out how to build a one-meter tall bowl of salad.
  • The TSA is defending confiscating a cupcake.
  • A bathroom scale is Wi-Fi enabled to automatically update your weight to Twitter and Facebook.
  • LOL, Canada
    • A floating barrier designed to block terrorist attacks had to be dismantled because it was being weighed down by mussels.

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