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List Of LRR Video Page

The page is starting to get very long with all the different LRR video categories. Maybe put all video catergories that are not going to be added to (Earlier seasons and ENN into table so we can shrink the page length. --Paid The Umpire 17:21, 1 June 2011 (GMT)

Yes, this is seriously getting out of hand! I recommend separating each year on its own page. MrL (talk) 15:09, 17 October 2012 (PDT)


Because we now know cH will be going into a Season 2 perhaps we should pull it from the "Originals" header and into its own "cH' section then sub sectioned "Season one" "season two" etc. --Canonfoder 16:04, 04 August 2009 (CDT)

Considering that cH is one of the 'major' categories I think they should be listed separately --Lord Chrusher 21:36, 4 August 2009 (UTC)


If I get far into the LRRbl game, I'm going to make a page for it using The_LoadingReadyRumble_(game), using Wikipedia standards. Also, I'm going to change current LRRbl video page to The_LoadingReadyRumble_(video). Then I'll make The_LoadingReadyRumble into a disambiguation page. Does this sound good to everyone? --Miakosummin 23:43, 14 October 2006 (CDT)


We definitely need to establish some conventions for what information should be included in video entries, and how that information should be formatted. I've tried to expand the entry on 'The Bet' in a way I think approximates the Strong Bad email listings on the HRwiki. I'd appreciate any feedback and suggestions you might have. Oh, and we really need to figure out which videos were released on what dates. Melendwyr 22:32, 29 September 2006 (CDT)

I think we need: Title, Date, Appearing, Writers, Camera, Music, Editing, Thanks (all the stuff that is in the credits) Plot Synopsis, Trivia, Location, Popularity. Lord Chrusher 22:48, 29 September 2006 (CDT)

What about Title, Introduction, Date, Cast, Writing, Camera, Music, Editing, Thanks, Synopsis, Location? Melendwyr 23:10, 29 September 2006 (CDT)

Also, Category. Shorts, Music etc. Graham

Further, people in the template should link to their bio page, if there is one.

Look at what I have done on The Worst Homosexual. The templates are bit tricky to work with Lord Chrusher 23:42, 29 September 2006 (CDT)

I made a slightly different template for comparison purposes (and practice) for The Bet. I don't know enough about formatting to force the normal text away from the info box, though. Thoughts? Melendwyr 08:24, 30 September 2006 (CDT)

I say we go with the style used on the bet until our wiki skills imporve Lord Chrusher 16:38, 30 September 2006 (CDT)

I have changed the Template:Video to produce the Vital Statisics part of the Bet Layout. You still need to add the Synopsis and Triva sections manually. Lord Chrusher 17:08, 30 September 2006 (CDT)

Is it really worth having a template for that section? Typing out the template entries takes nearly as long as just typing out the words themselves, and the template forces us to have blank entries for things that don't come up in every video. For example, there weren't any special thanks or music in the "Serious Cravings" video, but the template puts in Music: None and Thanks to: None anyway.Melendwyr 18:59, 30 September 2006 (CDT)

Agreed. Having the "Music: None" thing is a bit odd. (This is Graham, I don't know how to sign my name)

I'll change the entries back to non-template style. Also, name-signing can be accomplished by typing three tildes (~) for the name alone, or four for name, time, and date. Melendwyr 19:19, 30 September 2006 (CDT)

Lord Chrusher's figured out that this wiki permits linking to external images. This seems pretty unsafe to me - wouldn't permitting file uploads, at least for selected users, prevent bandwidth stealing? - but we can now use it to embed LRR's vidshots within the video pages. To position them, I've put them in a table with a single item, then aligned the table to the right. Maybe someone else can figure how to better position it within the "Vital Statistics" section, but what I have works for the moment. Have updated my video pages with the new information. Melendwyr 08:02, 3 October 2006 (CDT)

I think we should stop using the template - its more trouble than its worth but i am not in the mood right now to change the ones that have it now. Lord Chrusher 03:40, 4 October 2006 (CDT)

I've made a rough draft of some instructions/guidelines for how to make a video entry page. How to Make a Video Entry Suggestions are welcome. When we've decided on some conventions, perhaps this should be linked to on the front page. Melendwyr 21:09, 14 October 2006 (CDT)

Graham likes it.

Multiple videos on one day

There are a couple of conflicting methods of listing videos which were all released on one day in this list. Which should we use?

{date}: {video}
{date}: {othervideo}


{date}: {video}; {othervideo}

Or even a mixture of the two, depending on which videos are released that day. --MadAlric 13:17, 17 March 2012 (PDT)