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Now that the dog is out of the bag, I'd like to see some pictures of all of his appearances here. Just sayin'.

Also, for what it's worth, though other forum members had mused on his repeat appearances before, metcarfre gets official credit for confronting us for an answer at the 2011 Screening.


I can't think of a vid where he features prominently enough to screencap... I might shoop in the one from Reality Tear just so everyone's sure what we're talking about.


Oh, I didn't mean YOU had to do it. I just hope others do :)


I think a good screenshot would be in Return of the Bill? Isn't he by the picture that Bill walks past? (That vid won't load for me). Also, Spot doesn't have any spots, does he? --KK

No, that's part of the joke. He does have uniformly black, dead, soulless eyes that will haunt you though. Not sure how to work that in.

~ Met

That's why we love him so.


As to your question for whether or not Spot needs his own page, I think he does, since I'd like to see screenshots added to the page for each appearance. You should tell the forums... make it a game to find them all!


That's a good argument. I woulda put one up from "Return of the Bill," but that f'ing vid won't load.


Yeah, I need to figure out how to screencap from DVDs... wife's out of town, great time to start the work!


So how exactly do you want the pics to be posted on the page? Linked or embedded? I just wanna ask before I start adding pics. -Vigs

I'd like to see them, so I guess... embedded? Unless that'll crash the wiki... ~ Met

I added a pic of Spot from Bed Buggery as an example. It's 200px, and if you guys wanna reformat anything, go ahead. -Vigs

Nice. That looks good. Let's go with that. ~ Met

Incidentally, I'm linking back to the Spot spottings (heh) for all the vids people link to.

~ Met

The "small high-tech firm" is Pixpo, right?


The appearances should be in the form of a gallery of the pictures, instead of a list (I was in the middle of this when Vigafre edited at the same time, and I don't have time just now to keep working on it.)


Oh whoops, sorry, dude. I'd be willing to do that if it's something simple to explain.


I took a crack at making it a gallery. Let me know if this looks right.


That's great! Does it look OK on widescreen monitors? Can we make it more even (maybe 3 columns instead so it matches the layout of the top part?)


There may be code (possibly with tables) that can scale the number of columns with the monitor, but if there is, I haven't found it yet. As it is, we can set it to three columns per row, which looks good on 4:3 monitors but leaves a lot of empty space on widescreen ones. In fact, I'll go ahead and do that, and if anyone thinks it looks worse, just remove the perrow=3 parameter from the gallery tag.


OK, so it looks like Spot was laid up on the bookshelf between cH06 and 10, and then he appears in "Ways To Wake Up." Was cH06 the beginning of his broken-itude? (Also, there's a pretty big gap there between ch10 and Wake Up).


Graham, the stuff you just added is redundant. It's already in the previous paragraph.


I modified it as such. ~ Met

Just noticed this: The screenshot from 106.7 The Drive already shows Spot, and it's a bigger picture, so I think having the separate picture is unnecessary. --KK

Whoops. Sorry! I can read... hurr durr.


The page looks fine when I'm not logged in, but logged in, that Spare Us, Gus image still breaks and leaves that code at the top. Any idea how to fix it? Would uploading an image to a new location rather than uploading a new version to the old one help? Yax 08:45, 17 April 2012 (PDT)

And now it looks fine, but the page for the image itself has two errors. I'll take this to the forum thread. Yax 08:46, 17 April 2012 (PDT)