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Pork isn't a Zim reference? What about the episode Gaz, Eater of Pork? Melendwyr 18:47, 30 September 2006 (CDT)

Ah, no you misunderstand what I mean. Pork shows up a lot in Zim, and we're huge fans of Zim, but our use of it has nothing to with Zim. The "I smell delicious" line was written with Bolognius Maximus in mind, but the only reason pork features so heavily is due to the term "Hampire", pork is the next logical step. I can be noted for interest if you like, but it's not really a "reference". It's an interesting distinction they argue about constantly on the HRwiki.Graham

As you wish. Melendwyr

Well, it's just kind of odd to atribute any mention of pork to Zim, right? Saying "spaceship" isn't a Star Trek reference.Graham

Acknowledged, but pigs in general, meat as a concept, and pork specifically are all recurring jokes in Zim. So the confusion is I think understandable. But you wrote the skit - you know what is and is not a reference. So, as you wish. Melendwyr