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I don't think it's necessary to give each of these their own separate page. It's already almost overkill for Unskippable, it would definitely be overkill for these.

Maybe it should be broken up into sections, like Crapshots 1-20 or something like that. -Vigafre

Perhaps we should make a page for each set of 25 (as mentioned on the forum), but use a table format. The current format of single lines, with no breaks between data for different episodes, is rather jarring to look at.

Here, I made one:

Ep. # Title Description Featuring Notes
1 The Condition The threat is more real than you may expect. Alex
2 The Solution Miscommunication has spoiled many a piece of otherwise sound advice. None
3 The Demonstration This delectable item is available for half price on Tuesdays. Limit 1 per customer. Alex, Graham
4 The Experiment Sometimes you actually should to listen to what your parents told you. Alex, Kathleen
5 The Music A slipped disc can halt a whole symphony orchestra in its tracks. Graham, Kathleen
6 The Technique Alex, Graham
7 The Problem Alex, Graham
The Mission An operative operator operating in an operation. Alex, Cherisse Dye
9 The Expectation Its not what you think. Alex, Graham
10 The Enhancement ...And you just did, too. Alex, Graham
11 The Mission II If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again. Alex, Cherisse Dye
12 The Amplifier This amp is ideally suited to kittycore DJs. Alex, Kim
13 The Camouflage Alex, Graham
14 The Beverage Results may vary. Kathleen, Tally
15 The Note Sometimes it's not just passive-aggression. Alex, Graham
16 The Basement Sometimes you're just completely stumped. Alex, Jer
17 The Bathroom It's just kinder this way. Alex, Graham
18 The Mission III Viewmaster has since discontinued its range of tactical optics. Alex, Cherisse Dye
19 The Cardboard This epidemic may yet claim the mood of thousands. James, Tim
20 The Gaming You need to unlock the "Neurosurgical Sniper" perk in order to accomplish a pineal gland shot. Alex, Matt
21 The Measurement Specialists say girth is actually more important. Alex, Graham
22 The Drainage As size decreases, thirst increases. Alex, Morgan
23 The Accusation If it looks like one, and acts like one... Alex, Graham
24 The Admission There are a few telltale signs. Alex, Nate Mosher
25 The Punishment I really had this one coming. Alex, Graham

Except I was to lazy to do notes. But you get the idea. --Ottoman 01:11, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

I decided to go ahead and use the table format. Looks fine to me, but opinions are nice. -Vigafre