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Hopefully we'll get a podcast in the near future that gives some more background info because I have no idea what else to put here at the moment. -Yax

Well, the ENN page has a large section on the show's format, so editing in a similar section on that after we've seen a few episodes might be a good idea. A quick blurb about any changes from the ENN formula might not hurt, either. ~V

@ KinkKool: I don't know, that show box makes the page look awfully cluttered... ~V

Well, we'd remove that larger show logo. I just didn't yet because we're still experimenting. -KK

Noted, but I at least want it on record that change scares me. ~V

Me, too, but it's countered with my unending love of infoboxes. --KK

Is the Feature Story usually false? I think they may have broken somewhat from what the format suggests, there. Or perhaps I am incredibly gullible. --Lurkon (talk) 08:37, 18 June 2013 (PDT)

New Update! Now with semi-recent information

So as per my post on the forums I made a new update to this page regarding some of the changes that have happened since Season 1 and such. I'm not the greatest with grammar and I have a tendency to be verbose (see?) so feel free to edit it if you see any issues or want to clarify anything. Narcuru (talk) 21:32, 23 September 2013 (PDT)

Also do we have any confirmation that Feed Dump is a successor of ENN? I thought it was just a successor of Phailhaus which was a successor of the Whatever Thing. It says its a successor on its own page, but I just don't personally see the connection (beyond I guess it being a news show?). Not a big deal just something I wanted to bring up before changing (especially with it being up there for a long time).Narcuru (talk) 21:50, 23 September 2013 (PDT)
Right here: [1]. The first question is "What will replace ENN?" and the show is, at that time, called the Feed. It might have started as a Phailhaus-style show about video game news. Obviously, it didn't end up that way, but it WAS the Escapist's successor to ENN in that fashion. --KK, 9/24/13
Hmm. Too me (and this is probably a case of severe revisionist history since I was admittedly not around during the time this all happened) the answer reads more like: we have an idea tentatively named "The Feed" which eventually became PATV's CheckPoint. This is mainly because they were talking about gaming news in the answer and obviously both ENN and CkPt are in that field.
Did they ever say elsewhere that "The Feed" (whatever it would become) was for Escapist specifically? or just that it was an idea to replace ENN in general? My thoughts are that 1. they had this idea for a gaming news show similar to ENN that happened to be called at the time "The Feed" that they wanted to do (maybe pitching it to TE (The Escapist) but failing), 2. a bit later PA said 'hey we liked ENN can you do something similar to that for us?' 3. they said sure, changed the name from "The Feed" to CkPt, and 4. later on when Feed Dump was being created for TE they liked the name enough that they used it but it didn't have any mechanical ties to ENN (beyond it being a news show on TE). I guess the question I have is do we have any proof that the connection to "The Feed" and Feed Dump is anything more than a very similar name?
The timing of Pax East, when CkPt started, and when Feed Dump started kind of support my theory, but not strongly enough to be definitive either way (if FD was created first after PaxE, then I'd have no choice but to agree with it being a direct successor to ENN (with the name and topic changed in development), but since CkPt was first (and was an obvious successor to ENN) it muddles that a bit).
Maybe my issue is specifically the word "successor" in that I don't see it "succeeding" ENN because its a completely different show with a different topic (non gaming news thats weird), different format (non traditional anchor style) and different humor (less satirical more just crazy antics and hats). (and admittedly the video kind of tells that story with the exception of the change in topic) If that's the case then its just an issue that I have with the word usage not performing to my, probably unreasonable, standards. And if that's all true then there's nothing to be done in changing it. Ultimately it doesn't matter, and taken at face value the video does seem to at least hint that Feed Dump (at least in name) was a successor to ENN. I just happen read into those words differently, and, unless LRR says one way or the other (or has in the past), the way it is now, is probably the most correct. Narcuru (talk) 15:05, 24 September 2013 (PDT)