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Alex's Hat and Goggles

"The hat was originally my Girlfriend's, which she bought at La Senza of all places, but I liked it so much that I hijacked it and bought her a replacement.

The brim piercing was a whimsical idea that I came up with for no particular reason. The hoop is actually a locking ring from a toggle switch and doesn't actually pierce the hat.

As for the set of goggles that I usually wear, I sincerely have no idea where they came from. I can remember a time where I did not have them, and a time where I did, but no transition. They are currently missing somewhere in Victoria BC.

Fortunately I have a backup set that may actually be even better - they once belonged to my late grandfather who died at the age of 100, and have prescription lenses in them. They are in fact cutting torch goggles, and despite not being dark enough to weld with will still protect from sparks, debris and bright light." said Alex in this forum post

Jtaylor 21:46, 30 August 2007 (CDT)